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    20 Stylish Winter Coats And Jackets You Won't Believe Are Under $100

    These coats and their prices make the nice list!

    1. A double breasted A-line coat with slanted pockets and buckle-tab cuffs for a simple yet stylish way to complete your chilly night out ~lewks~.

    2. An oversized puff jacket statement piece. The statement is: I really like plaid.

    3. A plaid double breasted overcoat for a long style that'll make you look like the most sophisticated family member at the holiday party.

    4. A bell-shaped wool coat, because this refined look is going to carry you all the way 'till spring. It's your winter cocoon if you will and you'll be a butterfly in no time.

    5. A maxi-length puffer jacket with micro-fleece lining and a collar so pillow-y you could sleep standing up!

    6. A luxurious faux fur wrap so you can be the true ice queen you've always wanted to be.

    7. An "one-size-fits-most" corduroy coat with a fleece lining for a slouchy-cool vibe that'll stand out when you walk in the room.

    8. A glossy paneled look for a winter jacket that'll be perfect for those of you lucky enough to have slightly warmer winters!

    9. A down jacket with over 3,000 five star reviews telling us you'll be warm, protected, and not regretting this purchase.

    10. An oversized faux shearling coat so you can essentially wear a blanket all day and no one can question it.

    11. A loose fitting bomber jacket with pops of color that'll brighten up your mood and your look.

    12. A faux fur hooded jacket to create a more fitted winter look, thanks to its a fashionable drawstring waist belt .

    13. A reversible bomber jacket with one smooth side and one ultraplush faux fur lining side for the coziest look of your life.

    14. A cropped puffer jacket made in bright colors so you can stand out in the pearly white snow.

    15. A 90% down parka puffer jacket with a removable faux fur trim for anyone out there living the full snow queen fantasy like this lady here. Wow, invite us on your next vacation please!

    16. A faux fur coat so fuzzy you'll never want to take it off. Unlike the pics though, you might want to wear a pair of leggings with it!

    17. A bomber jacket with faux fur sleeves and deep side pockets so you can try something difFURent in your wardrobe this season.

    18. A padded rainbow checkered jacket so you can practice being your friendliest self to all the strangers that come up to you asking "OMG where did you get this jacket?!"

    19. A wool button down a-lined coat you can put as many layers underneath as you'd like, and still put your coat on over-top. Fashion, meet function.

    20. A puffer jacket with a slouchy silhouette and hip pockets so you can stop searching for the go-to coat you'll grab all winter long.

    You, not having a proper jacket to wear!

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