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    Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

    Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: African black soap, a pair of Adidas Superstars, and a children's book entitled, Go The Fuck to Sleep.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

    1. A trail camera designed to capture images and video of wildlife poking around your property. I know it might be hard to find it in this picture, what with all the high-tech camouflage going on, but trust me, it's there.

    Promising review: "This has such good photo and video quality and captures detected movement efficiently. The settings will let you choose if you’d like photos only, video only, or photos and videos combined. The photo and videos have timestamp and temperature." —Rona L.

    Price: $59.99

    2. A bottle of Tend Skin that will treat post-shave irritation like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burns. It can be a really hairy situation when your skin starts to flare up post-shave!

    Promising review: "This product has worked wonders for my armpits. I had painful, gross, and inflamed hair follicles for years! I use Tend Skin after every shower and before deodorant." —A User

    Price: $21.99 (available in three bottle sizes).

    3. A pair of kid-size Crocs rain boots guaranteed to make any puddle splashable.

    Promising review: "I seriously cannot say enough about these boots! My son has had a pair for every shoe size he's been. They are seriously the best boots we've ever purchased! They clean so easily, are very comfortable, and he has gotten so many compliments on them. Seriously, parents, buy these boots for all your children!" —Kassara

    Price: $22.07 (available in sizes 6-13 toddler and 1-12 little kid and in 10 colors).

    4. A pump bottle of fractionated coconut oil you can add to other moisturizers or lotions or use alone as an odorless massage oil. 100% pure coconut oil—that's nuts!

    Promising review: "I am willing to go as far as to say that this oil is life changing for me. I hate that I just now discovered it! I use it as a carrier oil for some of my essential oils. I noticed immediately that the oil is very quick to absorb and does not leave you feeling greasy at all. It is awesome!" —thegrantgirl

    Price: $11.77

    5. A pair of computer reading glasses that will block out UV and blue rays as well as unwanted glare. The debate over screens being bad for us can be polarizing. Let's play it safe and protect the only eyes we've got!,

    Promising review: "These glasses are great. They look sharp and they're not tinted so much that they alter color perception. I work in an office setting and after just one day of wearing these glasses I noticed an improvement in my eye health. My eyes no longer hurt, water, itch, or feel bleached out after staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Highly recommended!" —Ariele Monzo

    Price: $12.99 (available in seven magnification settings).

    6. A copy of Go The F--k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach you might never read to your actual children... but you will be very tempted.

    Promising review: "This book is quite hilarious! I first saw it being read by Samuel L Jackson and then by Jennifer Garner on YouTube. I knew I had to add it to my library. This book is definitely not for the pearl clutchers. If you have a wicked sense of humor, enjoy!" —nonspecificgirl

    Price: $12.12

    7. A bottle of aloe vera gel to soothe sunburns, rashes, or itchy and dry skin. Say aloe to your skin's new best friend!

    Promising review: "This product is wonderful! It is very soothing for my itchy skin and it doesn't leave any residue! I'm very happy with this great product. I couldn't find any aloe of this quality anywhere else." —Vendala

    Price: $9.99

    8. A pair of water shoes designed with breathable, fast-drying material to make any outdoor adventure less...moist?

    Promising review: "Very little sand gets in them and they dry quickly. No squishy sounds while they are drying or when walking either. They didn't start to tear or rip in anyway and we were really hard on them." —D.S.T. readah4life

    Price: $26.99 (available in sizes 6–11, and 16 colors).

    9. A jar of fragrance-free Burt's Bees belly butter formulated with cocoa, shea and jojoba butter to keep your skin healthy and smooth during pregnancy — and beyond.

    Promising review: "The absolute best cream ever. I used this when I found out I was expecting twins! It helped tremendously. I did not get a single new stretch mark. I recommend this lotion to everyone. I was never itchy. I'm actually still using this product as I find it works great and my skin is never dry!" —Kindle Customer

    Price: $10.39

    10. A bottle that will store and measure out the perfect amount of kitchen oil for you! Olive a good kitchen gadget!

    The top compartment measures out the perfect teaspoon, tablespoon, and even has milliliter marks for precise recipes! As an added bonus, the spout is non-drip so there aren't any random oil spots on your counter post-pour!

    Promising review: "We have been using this now for about a month. This was one of the best purchases I've made for the kitchen. It is truly no drip. I love the measure cup on top, it's one less thing to clean or worry about when measuring lots of different things for the same recipe." —Aimee G

    Price: $13.99

    11. A jar of O'Keeffe's working hands cream to treat dry and cracked skin by creating a protective moisturized layer that hydrates, heals, and protects skin over time.,

    Promising review: "I've developed eczema on my hands over the last few years, and my fingers get terribly, painfully cracked all year long, and especially in the colder months. My fingers and knuckles will be covered in cracks. This is the ONLY thing that gives me any relief. You'll notice a difference after just a couple of uses. It helps cracked heels, too." —Kathleen

    Price: $6.49 (available in packs of 1–12).

    12. A baby shusher specially designed to stop babies crying. It induces a calm state through rhythmic shushing or "utero noises" for 15 or 30 minutes at a time.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical but over a week in and I am a believer. So far whenever my newborn gets very fussy we turn on the shusher and she instantly calms down. It won't take away a spoiled diaper, feed your child, or substitute as a pacifier. What it does is calm a baby down long enough so you can solve the issue. Well worth the money. I bought two so we could keep one in her bag and one in the house." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $31.49

    13. A one-pound block of natural African black soap made in Ghana. Once broken into multiple soap bars, it can be used to help treat eczema and acne. Those before and after pictures have me bubbling with excitement.,

    Promising review: "A month in of using this with a facial brush and my skin is already looking better. After years of trying different products and going to the dermatologist this is the product that has finally helped my acne and acne scars." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.95

    14. A pair of Adidas original superstars to offer a retro style and a super comfortable addition to your everyday outfit.

    Promising review: "I love them. They are really sharp looking and very comfortable. I took a chance and bought a pair for my daughter too, and she loved them! She loves to walk everywhere and says they feel great." —Carol

    Price: $59.99+ (available in sizes 5–11.5)

    15. A baby nasal aspirator that will make removing sinus build up as easy as stealing candy from a baby (except it's snot)!

    This product is non-invasive, dishwasher safe, comes with disposable filters, and no you will never make contact with what gets sucked into the tube. It stays far away from your mouth!

    Promising review: "Hands down this is one of the best inventions for babies ever. A friend had one on her baby registry years ago and I thought it sounded disgusting. I bought it and she showed me how it worked. In no way does the snot get anywhere near your mouth, ever. It works so much better than those awful bulb things you can buy from the stores or what the hospital sends you home with. It is extremely gentle on the baby's nose — in fact there is no way it even enters the baby's nose, it just rests at the entrance of the nostril." —Caley G

    Price: $15 (available with 20 additional hygiene filters)

    16. A jar of translucent setting powder by Coty Airspun anyone looking for a lightweight and smooth finish to their makeup look will love!,

    Promising review: "It's perfect! It comes with so much product, and the puff it comes with is pretty handy. The application is smooth and is great for baking. My makeup came out flawless. I set my makeup with this and worked out right after. There was no separation or creasing! This powder blessed me." —andrea

    Price: $5.97 (available in seven colors)

    17. A compact, high powered Nutribullet made with a sleek design that will blend in with the rest of your kitchen.

    The set includes the blender base, one large cup, two small cups, one flat blade, one emulsifying blade, and two lids. It also comes with a pocket nutritionist and book of yummy recipes!

    Promising review: "I love this thing! It's 600 watts but it's very powerful! Twice a day, I blend fresh kale, spinach, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, frozen apples, frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries. Once a week, I buy fresh fruit and then I put the combination in a ziplock and I freeze it so that my smoothie is slushy!" —IneedAmazonRehab

    Price: $69.99

    18. A two-pack of facial wipes guaranteed to make your skincare routine that much faster. Simply wipe your makeup off and finally crawl your ass into bed!

    These wipes are great for removing waterproof makeup and contain no harsh dyes, fragrances, or chemicals that upset the skin.

    Promising review: "I love these. Great way to clean your face after a long day. Removes eye makeup gently and leaves my face feeling smooth and not dry. Great for traveling. And the best part — never harms your skin. These are by far my favorite facial wipes." —Holly Golightly

    Price: $6.89

    19. A portable pop-up play-pen (say that five times fast) for your little ones so they can have fun in the sun!

    Promising review: "Bought this with the canopy, and let me tell you it is worth the extra purchase! We have a puzzle mat we put in when indoors, but for outside it is absolutely perfect on the grass. Keeps our little one out of the sun and gives her something to lean and stand on!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $44.34 (available with zero, half or full canopy).

    Me after putting every last one of these into my cart

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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