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    Here's How I Started My Very First Skin Care Routine (And It Actually Works!)

    Is skin care one big mystery to you? Are you intimidated by a full routine? Same. Surprise, I totally winged it. Bigger surprise – it actually worked.

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    Hey hi hello my name is Francine and, until very recently, I had never had a skin care routine.

    The idea of having a skin care routine was intimidating. It sounded like something people do who have much more money and time than what I'm working with.

    Every morning I wake up and do the first half of my skin care routine, which is to make a green smoothie with Golden Milk supplement.

    My first step of my nightly skin care routine is to wash my face with an exfoliating glove and my lil' 7 Days Wash.

    Step two is a bentonite clay mud mask. Yep. Every night.

    Just apply the mask, let it dry, and then wash it off with warm water.

    After I wash off the mud mask, for step three I apply Thayers witch hazel toner with a cotton ball all over my face and jawline.

    Step four: After using the toner, I apply Bio Oil to my face, especially my cheeks where I have a lot of acne/picking scars.

    After the Bio Oil soaks into my skin, I finish off my routine with step five: Skinfix lotion for some much needed moisture!

    Throughout the day I also use Burt's Bee's facial cleansing wipes twice to wipe away dirt and oil, and to smell like a grapefruit angel.

    So I've been doing this skin care routine for about a month now, and my skin truly looks better than ever.