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    This Foot File's Before And After Photos Will Knock Your Socks Off

    Good thing your socks are off, you're gonna want to use this Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file!!!

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    Raise your hand if you have dead skin built up on your feet and you're looking to get rid of it.


    Boy bye!

    Now keep 'em raised so I can hand you this Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File ($14.50 on Amazon), because once I show you this before and after photo YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO USE IT IMMEDIATELY!


    I mean, just LOOK at the difference! Wow WOw WOW wow wOw wwOOOOWwwwww!!

    Promising review: "I usually get pedis every two weeks but have fallen on hard times. Clearly I don't know how to take care of my own feet because they end up looking like this, lol. This Amope Pedi worked wonders!" —Pharmgirl9011

    Ok let me break down why this Electronic Foot File is so great, even though that side by side kinda speaks for itself tbh!

    It gently buffs away tough, built-up skin in minutes. It's compact, portable, and batteries are included.

    The set comes with one electronic foot file, one extra coarse roller head, four AA batteries, and one cover.


    Plus there are over 8,000 raving five-star reviews! Let's take a look at a couple shall we?


    M Parker says it's, "By far one of the best foot gadgets I have ever purchased. I have to file with a coarse file on a daily basis or callouses build up quickly. It is a thorn in my side to do this —but not anymore!"

    Full review: "By far one of the best foot gadgets I have ever purchased. I have to file with a coarse file on a daily basis or callouses build up quickly. It is a thorn in my side to do this, not anymore! I used a slow side to side motion which seemed to work best for me. Love Amope!"—M Parker

    Sarah says, "I've struggled with my feet for as long as I can remember, paying for pedicures only for my feet to feel a little smooth, but the cracks remained! In five minutes with this foot file I have new feet!"

    And Cheryl says, "I get a pedi every two to three weeks and I still have issues with very dry heels. I hate to wear shoes. I got the Amope pedi on Tuesday and it's Thursday. You can see a remarkable difference!!"

    Full review: " Even if you apply pressure it doesn't stop. Strong motor. This one came with a coarse roller, and I'm sure that made a huge difference in the instant results. You do have to be careful and not over do it. I still have some work to but that is because the crack were so deep, and I have to do this in stages. That is how good this works. Needless to say, I am pleased with my purchase." —Cheryl Neil

    Based on everything we've just seen, I'm pretty sure you'll get a kick out of this product for a long time! Get a one from Amazon for $14.50 and let us know down below what you think!

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