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63 Thoughts I Had After I Moved From Germany To The US

This move has surely changed my life for the better even though I've been missing Kinder and pretzels all along.

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8. Multiple choice tests at university? Yikes. This country wants her people to stay dumb. We don't even get these in first grade!

11. Why am I walking around in the mall with a sweater on while it's 100 degrees outside? Someone turn the A/C down!

17. Forks were not invented to cut. You know, there's knives for that.

23. What the F you mean you've never traveled out of your state?

28. My last name is Schlueter. No, it's not pronounced shoulder or Schuttler.

30. Only in this country there's a dog named "Trigger" shooting its owner in the foot!

33. I'll drive for 9 hours and will still be in the same state? Back in Germany, I could have passed through 2-3 countries!

35. Last call? What's that? Oh. At 1.30 a.m.?! I was just getting started.

36. You can't drink in public? But you can carry around your gun and shoot anyone on your property. Ok.

39. Your parties really are like the ones we see on movie screens!

43. No bakeries and butchers in every town? What am I going to eat all day?

46. How do you survive on 5 (or even less) vacation days per year?

49. This medicine knocked me out! And I got it over the counter? Damn!

50. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are awesome! But you still don't have enough holidays.

52. Customer service? Didn't know that existed before I came here.

58. How's getting your driver's license so cheap? Oh yeah. Neither 20 theoretical nor 25 practical lessons.

62. Never lived in a house with 9 different nationalities before, but this is awesome!

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