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    If Famous Writers Wrote For The Internet

    xoJane Austen.

    George Orwell, getting a clear-eyed look at the facts at Slate:

    Umbrella-Rosenblum Films / Getty Images / AFP / iStockphoto / mel-nik

    Robert Frost, piquing our curiosity on Upworthy:

    Getty Images / iStockphoto / Hulton Archive

    Jane Austen, telling her truth at XOJane:

    Getty Images / Hulton Archive

    Hunter S. Thompson, killing it at VICE:

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    Gertrude Stein, spreading the gospel at The Toast.

    Jennifer Schaffer for BuzzFeed

    Virginia Woolf, mastering her stream of consciousness in 140-character bites:

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    Susan Sontag, bringing her best to ITG:

    Jens-Ulrich Koch / Getty Images

    (She really did like Sephora.)

    Hemingway, straight to the point at Vox:

    Jennifer Schaffer for BuzzFeed

    Dorothy Parker, nailing snark at Gawker:

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    James Joyce, taking over troll duties at Drudge Report:

    Jennifer Schaffer for BuzzFeed

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, havin' a ball at BuzzFeed:

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