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23 T-Shirts Only Book Nerds Will Appreciate

Dicken a box.

1. This shout out to the best character in To Kill A Mockingbird.

2. Or this tee from our favorite Maycomb lawyer.

3. This line-up of players from A Room With A View.

4. This bro tank that knows what a real party looks like.

5. This Shakira/Virginia mash-up.

6. This tank top of shout-outs to the greats.

7. This touristy tee from Austen's world.

8. This NASA-inspired interpretation of cummings.

9. Just, this.

10. This earnest interpretation of Willy S.

11. This clever take on our boy J. R.

12. This tribute to Maya Angelou.

13. This theme park T-shirt from Slaughterhouse Five.

14. This amazing band T-shirt.

15. This bold salute to Mark Twain.

16. This Nabokovian riddle of a T-shirt.

17. This powerful quote by Joyce.

18. This chic homage to Whitman.

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19. This Scarlet Letter baseball tee.

20. The shirt that Hemingway would've definitely worn on lazy days in Key West.

21. This attempt to claim Edward back for Team Eyre.

22. This promotional tee for Oscar Wilde's favorite painter.

23. This brilliant twist on your favorite HP character.

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