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    Updated on Oct 18, 2019. Posted on Feb 10, 2018

    11 Hacks For Making Your IKEA Furniture A Little Less...IKEA-Y

    Make that BEKVÄM a little less böring.

    1. The KNAGGLIG box: Use it as a plant pot holder or stack 'em to make a bookshelf:

    2. And those EKET cabinet cubes can be stacked and combined to make for a doll house, night stand, or de facto dresser: / Via, Chasseurs d'astuces / Via, Chasseurs d'astuces / Via

    3. The MOSSLANDA picture ledges work for storing your spices and displaying books and mags: / Via, J'Organise Mon Quotidien / Via

    4. And the RÅSKOG utility cart isn't just for drink cart purposes — they're also ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, and crafts:

    isabel chedeville / Via, Ikea / Via, / Via

    5. The trusty ol' LACK side table can be stacked in all kinds of ways:

    Stacy D / Via, mariafallsblog / Via

    6. And if you have two RAST 3-drawer chests, give them a fresh coat of paint and then use them to make a desk:

    7. Plus, the EKBY ALEX shelf makes for a v. sleek desk or floating vanity:

    Curbly / Via, Casanaute / Via

    8. And we're into using the BEKVÄM kitchen cart as a sewing table or bathroom cupboard:

    Ikea / Via, Bibu Bibu / Via

    9. Even if you're not a celeb with a shoe closet, you can pretend to be, with the tall BILLY bookcase:

    Elvis / Via

    10. And then you can line up the shorter BILLY end-to-end to make it look like one big expensive shelving unit:

    Elle France / Via

    11. And finally, use the BEKVÄM spice rack to also simplify workspaces and cleaning closets:

    Des idées de génie / Via, trucs et bricolages / Via

    Got an IKEA dress-up hack of your own? Leave yours in the comments below!

    This post was translated from French.

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