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    10 Signs That You Have Misophonia

    If you do at least 7 of these things, you know that you don't just "hate sound", you have misophonia.

    1. You carry headphones with you everywhere. In fact, you have multiple sets of headphones in your home, car and bag. And back up headphones for each of those pairs, just in case.

    Three sets of bluetooth earbuds laying on a table.

    2. The idea of sitting down to a *quiet* meal with your family actually makes you cringe. In fact, you’re sweating a little bit right now just picturing it. So many sounds, so few options for escape.

    A picnic table full of food, people sitting around the picnic table eating.

    3. Taking a test in school felt like actual torture. Clicking pens, the clock ticking, tapping feet -- you’re actually confident that rooms like this were experimental torture chambers.

    An empty classroom with rows of chairs and desks.

    4. You know the difference between white, pink and brown noise...and you have a preference.

    An old-style VCR antenna TV with static on the screen.

    5. You’ve pictured 100 ways to murder that neighbor that bumps their bass a little too loud, every single night.

    Woman plugging her ears while grimacing as if something is too loud.

    6. Your ears actually hurt from wearing headphones 23/7. You basically only take them off to shower.

    Child holding ear in pain and looking sad.

    7. You’ve fully considered quitting your job because they have an open-concept workspace where you can see and hear everything that your coworkers are doing.

    An open-concept office with rows of people working at their computers.

    8. Whenever you enter a room, you scope out who has food, who is chewing gum and how many doors you can quickly escape through when they inevitably start chewing with their mouth open.

    Brick wall with an "Exit" sign, a symbol of a personal exiting and a stairs symbol.

    9. You would rather jump into shark-infested water than listen to someone chew gum, eat chips, slurp soup, basically anything that makes unnecessary mouth noises.

    Shark coming directly at the screen, teeth showing and looking scary.

    10. And above all, you know that you don’t simply “hate sounds”. You are physically and mentally averse to being around trigger sounds.

    An Instagram graphic that says "What is Misophonia" by @miss.misophonia.