Twitter Is Obsessed With These Oil Paintings Of Sandwiches, And You'll Completely Understand Why Once You See Them

    "It's hilarious. I guess it's kind of coming off as a meme."

    If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen that oil painting of a grilled cheese sandwich...

    Noah Verrier / Via Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    ...and the iconic PB&J too.

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    The sandwiches are the works of Florida-based artist Noah Verrier, and they have taken Twitter by storm. Verrier, who used to be an art professor at Florida State University, has already accumulated over 70,000 followers on the platform and has only been sharing photos of his art for a few months.

    Twitter: @noahverrier

    I mean, have you ever seen a grilled cheese look so beautiful?

    My oil painting of a Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    Since going viral on Twitter, Verrier has gained a pretty vocal fan base. One user who goes by @devinchyaa joked, "Babe wake up! The new oil painting dropped. Today it's shrimp!"

    My oil painting of sweet & sour shrimp

    Twitter: @noahverrier

    Another user, @ami2hi, expressed their love for Verrier's paintings more directly.

    im crying and trembling at the sheer beauty that this holds i dont think ive ever felt this impacted by visual art before in my life but this grillcheese heals me. it understands wholly

    Noah Verrier

    Verrier's art has become so popular, people have even started to make requests for what they want to see next. "Pls do an oil painting of hot wings (all flats) and a nice corona," @toomfcozy said. Another user, @austin_wilde13, chimed in, "Please do a Crunchwrap supreme and a Baja blast."

    My oil painting of a PBJ & Jar of Milk

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    "It's hilarious. I mean, I guess [my art is] coming off as kind of a meme, because it's like a classical painting that has technique but then it's kind of silly stuff like sandwiches," Verrier told BuzzFeed. "So I think people are just like, put in a loop, you know? And it's funny, because how can you take that seriously? Put a grilled cheese sandwich in a museum?"

    My oil painting of a Hotdog & Beer

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    For every painting, Verrier lays out all of his subjects in front him. "It's called observational painting," he explained. "I'm like right there, like two feet from it."

    My oil painting of a Big Mac Fries and Bouquet / setup

    Twitter: @noahverrier

    "I grew up learning that it's very important to work from life — so you're looking closely, you're observing things, you're not just inventing things. You have to develop that skill, to be able to see colors and differences, and that helps if it's from life," he added.

    The painting and the subject #art #paintings #pizza

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    Verrier also explained how he chooses what to paint. "I just brainstorm ideas. I just come up with like the top five ideas that I think sound really fun to do," he said. "It's whatever comes to my mind. Whatever sounds fun. Just as simple as that, really."

    My oil painting of coffee & donut

    Twitter: @noahverrier

    He also draws inspiration from the objects around him. "I like using items that I'm familiar with, like fast food or, you know, getting flowers from Trader Joe's or something like that, or just stuff that my kids eat," he said. "You know, just stuff that's fun and interesting, not boring."

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    Verrier hopes his paintings will continue to make people happy. "I want you to see it and be able to have an experience for a second and be like 'Hey, that's really neat,' or maybe somebody buys a print and then they get to see it every day and put it in their kitchen."

    My oil painting of a PBJ & glass of Milk

    Twitter: @NoahVerrier

    In the meantime, I'll be waiting for the next painting to drop on Twitter.

    You can check out more of Verrier's work on his website.