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    People On TikTok Are Saying That Eating Oranges In The Shower Is A "Life-Changing" Experience, So I Did It

    Regaining my zest for life after trying this. 🍊

    The other day, I saw a TikTok in which someone listed all the reasons why they love eating oranges in the shower, and it definitely piqued my interest.

    The clip, posted by user @au.stino, has over 7.2 million views and makes an extremely strong case for the deed.

    a person in the shower peeling an orange

    "Eating an orange in the shower eliminates any worry of making a mess," the video reads. "So, easy clean up and you can rip it open with no remorse. In the hot shower, the heat and humidity exaggerate the taste and smell of the orange. The smell of citrus has also been linked to stress relief. So this is a well rounded experience."

    While there were a few people in the comments who were pretty grossed out about the idea of eating food in the bathroom, most people were intrigued.

    "I guess this could be cool like I guess I could feel like a monkey in a tropical storm so I get the appeal"

    A few people even encouraged others to try it, noting that their own experiences went very well.

    "Just tried it my bathroom was left smelling with that beautiful citrus smell it was a magical experience 10/10 would recommend"

    "It changed my life," someone said.

    "I did this a few nights ago and it changed my life, now I'm seeing this video [surprised face emoji]"

    And while most expressed that they had never eaten an orange in the shower themselves, one person shared that it wasn't unusual in their culture.

    "In Morocco when we go to the Hammam (bath houses) everybody brings clementines/oranges to eat. Also prevents you from fainting"

    That being said, eating oranges in the shower definitely isn't anything new, and we've even written about the phenomenon when it became really popular in 2017, thanks to the subreddit r/ShowerOrange.

    But now with TikTok, the trend has resurfaced, and it seems like many people are trying it out for the first time. The hashtag #ShowerOrange has over 7.6 million views on the platform, and it goes to show just how entranced people are with the act.

    #showerorange (7.6M views)

    I even checked the aforementioned subreddit — r/ShowerOrange — and found that it's still very much alive and well. If you scroll down the forum's posts, you'll see many people documenting their own experiences and rooting for one another on their quests to enlightenment.

    When one person who goes by u/CaptainSwil shared a photo of their prepped citrus, another redditor advised u/CaptainSwil that the shower orange is best eaten cold.

    In another post, someone with the username u/chux4w explained the importance of peeling the fruit in the shower.

    "The whole point is that it's primal," they explained. "It's not about the orange, it's not about the shower, it's about the connection to your inner feral animal. I urge you, next time you have an orange in the shower, don't peel! Tear into it with your claws, feast on the flesh, don't worry about making sure you eat all the orange or what you do with the peel afterwards. If you're thinking, you're already doing it wrong."

    After reading everyone's reviews (and pointers), I was persuaded and extremely intrigued, so, I ran to the store and got myself a good ol' navel orange to see what all the excitement was about.

    Jen standing outside the shower holding an orange

    After refrigerating the fruit overnight, I took it into the shower with me the next day.

    Jen's hand holding the orange in front of the shower head

    Once I ripped into the orange, I immediately started to see the appeal. The juices were dripping all over my hands, but even so, I could immediately rinse my fingers off under the shower water overhead. I continued to peel the fruit and placed the scraps in the corner of my shower.

    By this point, my entire bathroom smelled so much like oranges, which really made me want to become a morning shower person. ( wake up, turn on the shower, and then bite into a juicy orange while its citrusy aroma wafts into all rooms of the house...what a beautiful way to start your day!)

    The orange peels in the corner

    Finally, my orange was naked. I ate each piece and was able to enjoy the fruit without worrying about the mess it was making. The coldness of the fruit also really did wonders for this entire experience, as it enhanced the orange's flavor and provided an interesting contrast to the hotness of the shower.

    Jen holding up the fully peeled orange

    So yes, I would say that everyone's right — eating an orange in the shower is enjoyable. Was it life changing? Unfortunately, not for me. But I'd still definitely recommend it.

    Have you ever tried eating an orange in the shower? Let me know in the comments!