BeReal Is The Latest Photo-Sharing App Everyone Is Obsessed With, So I Downloaded It To See What It's About

    No need to worry about filters with this app.

    There's a new app in town called BeReal, and it's all anyone seems to be talking about.

    I was living wordle to wordle but now I’m living BeReal to BeReal

    Twitter: @clarmonic

    In case you haven't heard of it, it's basically a photo-sharing app where you can add your friends, send likes, and comment on other users' posts. However, unlike most of the media platforms we already know, BeReal encourages authenticity, as the name suggests.

    The BeReal app logo

    With all of the chatter about the app, I decided to download it and check it out.

    how am i supposed to bereal in these conditions

    Twitter: @nickiminajTD

    Here's how it works:

    Every day at a different time, all users get this notification:

    Once you take your picture, you'll be able to see what your friends have posted on the home page:

    A screenshot of the BeReal homepage, with arrows pointing out the locations of the writer's post and her friend's posts

    And you may have noticed this from the screenshot above, but the camera on BeReal will capture photos from both the front and back cameras, so you're really sharing a 360-degree view of your life when you post on the app.

    A screenshot that shows both the writer's face as well as the view she's currently seeing, which is a bunch of large office buildings

    It's also interesting because there are no options to edit your photos, and there's no way to post something that's not taken in the moment. All photos are taken in-app when the notification strikes.

    The writer and a similar view, but this time she's making a silly face

    As a result, you are contributing to a feed of "authentic" photos taken in real time.

    The writer drinking coffee at a table with a computer and an open bag on it

    BeReal is honestly very similar to Snapchat, since the photos you post are only available to be viewed by your friends for a day...

    ...and then they are archived into your "memories," which only you can view. It starts to become a daily photo journal you can look back on!

    The writer's BeReal page, with an arrow point to her "Memories" section

    However, if you're looking for more of a global audience to see your posts, there's a "discovery" section, where users who choose to opt in can post their photos. In this section, you're able to see random people's posts, and it's honestly pretty interesting to see what people from around the world are up to. Here's a little peek at what my discovery section looks like:

    Looks like someone in France is about to eat some lunch:

    A screenshot of someone in Bourdeoux, France eating a meal, with the name and face of the person crossed out

    While another person in Russia is hitting the gym:

    Someone in Saint Petersburg, Russia at the gym, again with the name and face crossed out

    Someone else in Hungary seems to be taking their dogs for a walk:

    A man with two dogs in front of a church and cemetery

    And another person is going for a drive near a full field of flowers:

    I don't know about you, but I'm pretty nosy, so it's fun to scroll and see what people are up to.

    Overall, I think BeReal lives up to its name — the photos do feel real and personal, almost like you're scrolling through your finsta. It's definitely refreshing to have an app that doesn't allow you to edit your pics, and I love seeing that other people are also doing normal, mundane things like me.

    Are you on BeReal? Let me know in the comments!