This Man Changed His House Locks Back After His Wife Asked To Get Them Changed, And People Have Strong Opinions On The Situation

    A husband secretly changed his house locks back to the original after being asked to change them, and a rift with his wife ensued.

    There's a subreddit called Am I the Asshole?, and it's full of the wildest stories.

    Recently, I saw a post where a husband revealed that he changed his house locks against his wife's wishes, and y'all, it was messy.

    Here's the story, as told by the husband, u/SockNo7319:

    "I <30M> have a beautiful wife who loves to serve others. We bought a home down the street from my family. I have a sweet sister <17> who likes to crash at our house with her friends."

    "My wife normally is pretty easy going until recently. My sister's friends have been leaving messes — mostly towels on the floor after using our pool. My wife got upset picking up after them every day."

    "I have asked my sister to make sure the house is clean after they leave and it has been better. My wife also complained that some of her perfumes/clothes and personal items have gone missing. My sister said it’s not her. I believe my sister. I just don’t see her doing that. I told my wife and we agreed to just replace them."

    "Last week my wife made a couple of pans of cinnamon rolls from scratch. One pan was for us, the second pan was for a co-worker's family who is experiencing a tragedy."

    "My wife went to the gym. I went to work and my sister and her friends came by. The one pan wasn’t enough for her and her friends. They wanted the second pan of cinnamon rolls and my sister texted my wife asking if they could eat them. My wife said no."

    "They ate them anyways. My wife, upset, went and bought new locks. When I came home my wife handed me a new key and told me that she didn’t want anyone else to have a key to our house."

    "I tried to calm her down and tell her that I would just go replace the eaten cinnamon rolls with store bought ones. My wife decided this was her hill to die on and said no. My sister lost the privilege to come when we are not home. Replacing stolen items wasn’t 'good enough' anymore."

    "My mom called and asked if my sister could use the pool [for] a back to school party? I was under the impression my mom would be there. I said yes, my mom was at work and our schedules clashed. The easiest solution was for me to change the locks back so they could come into the house."

    "My mom didn’t come with my sister. When my wife got home after the party, it was a mess. She sent me photos. She called me the asshole for changing the locks without talking to her about it. (Keep in mind she did too.) Then told me I broke her trust, that she felt she wasn’t safe in her own home because she keeps getting robbed and I refuse to put an end to it. (I did talk to my sister.) Then my wife let me know she was staying with a friend for awhile."

    "Am I the asshole here? I feel like I have tried to right any wrongs that have happened between my wife and my sister."

    After reading that, I was in disbelief like Oprah here:

    Redditors certainly had a lot to say about the matter, and the majority of them were in agreement that the husband was most definitely the asshole in this situation.

    One person with the username u/TNG6 told off OP and defended the wife.

    "Your wife has a right to not be stolen from in her own home. Your sister is disrespectful and entitled and you are an asshole for prioritizing her over your wife’s right to literally not be a victim of crime in her home. If you want to keep your wife you better change the locks and refuse to give anyone a key."

    Someone else who goes by u/Ok-Rabbit1878 echoed the user above.

    "If I was her, I’d have changed the locks again, only this time OP wouldn’t get a key.

    Oh, but he would get divorce papers."

    Another person, u/uninvitedfriend, explained how much labor actually goes into baking cinnamon rolls from scratch, which further backed up how awful the wife must have felt without OP's support.

    And finally, one more commenter, u/EmmaPemmaPooBear, suggested a resolution.

    "I think he should make cinnamon rolls from scratch to understand how much time it takes."

    After reading the responses, OP updated everyone on how he attempted to bring some justice to the situation, which included replacing the locks again and letting his mom know that his sister isn't allowed over without him home. He also demanded his sister return the items back to his wife, and made cinnamon rolls from scratch per the suggestions from the responders. He then updated everyone with this:

    What do you think? Let me know in the comments.