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    Little Miss Memes Are Taking Over The Internet, So Here Are 20 Of The Funniest Ones I've Seen

    Tag yourself, I'm Little Miss McDonald's Diet Coke.

    Maybe you already knew this, but in the United Kingdom, there's a popular children's book series referred to as the Mr. Men and Little Misses books.

    the different book characters

    Each book is about a different character, like Little Miss Curious or my personal favorite, Little Miss Giggles.

    Well now, people are memeing the characters and changing each creature’s name to a different personality trait — a trend popularized by Instagram user @juulpuppy:

    Now, the meme format has spread, and it's all over Instagram and Twitter. I've rounded up 20 of the funniest and most chaotic ones I've seen — (and omg, 😭 how do you guys come up with these.) I hope you enjoy them:


    Twitter: @alltooriah


    We couldn't let this trend pass... presenting little miss can't be wrong 👑

    Twitter: @spindoctorsband


    Twitter: @MeaganLMcIntyre


    Twitter: @roseybunni


    This is what my mind is doing every time I see a Little Miss ______ meme

    Twitter: @tombellino

    Which one are you? Let me know in the comments!