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12 Moments Every Wannabe "Healthy" Eater Can Relate To

You’re REALLY good at eating...and pretty good at eating right. But when it's doughnut day at work, all bets are off. You're only human.

1. The moment of truth at every restaurant:

2. When you find the perfect salad:

3. When you reach your limits:

4. If it's called fruit, it counts.

5. When it doesn't matter because you worked out:

6. When people ask you about your diet:

7. This:

8. When you're literally the only one eating healthy:

9. It's all about compromise:

10. When it's not even your fault:

11. *sees a healthy recipe online, tries it, never cooks again*

12. When people talk about gluten-free, all you can think about is free bread:

We get it. Trying to eat nutritious can be hard. But think of it this way: If you make small changes like replacing ground beef with Jennie-O® Turkey, you won't feel so bad about yesterday's cheat day.