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7 Reasons The New Gentlemen (and Ladies) Of The Otonabee Rowing Calendar Is Better Than Ever

Peterborough Rowing is back at it again -- and its bigger and more risqué than ever before. Take one for the team, and help put a stop to homophobia in competitive sport.

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This classy, 14-month gold mine of athletic men and women make it all-too-easy for you to help put a stop to homophobia.

1. It's for Charity.

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$5 from every calendar will go to Egale Canada, an organization dedicated to advancing the rights of LGBTQ youth in the community.

2. Equality Is Cool.

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"It's about building an ally base," a member of the rowing team stated upon the completion of the photoshoot. "Sport should have no sexual orientation. For us, your crew is like your family, and you need to be able to trust that your family will back you up."

3. There's WOMEN this year.

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With the success of the Gentlemen of the Otonabee last year, we've designed a new calendar this year as well -- the Ladies of the Otonabee. Formed from members of our Women's Rowing Team, we are excited to bring you this tasteful and classy take on issues of equality and self-love.

4. Its more risqué than in 2015. That means more of everything. everything.

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We're happy to announce that we were a lot more daring than last year. 'nuff said.

5. There's a whole lot more calendar to love.

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with the 14-month calendar starting in November 2016, you won't have to wait until the new year to start enjoying your new purchase. Also, with the addition of the women's calendar and an overwhelming list of model volunteers, our total number of participants is higher than ever. 14 men + 12 women = MORE CALENDARS FOR EVERYBODY

6. Nature is Neat.

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The calendar is aptly named “Gentlemen of the Otonabee” and “Ladies of the Otonabee” for the 6km stretch of the river that runs by their rowing club in Peterborough, Ontario. So now you can enjoy nature AND help stop homophobia. Win/win!

7. Finally, you don't even have to leave your house.

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As the calendars are both available on Etsy, you don't even have to do any legwork, we do it all for you. Also they're only $20 and you were going to buy a new calendar anways, so it's a steal.

Buy the Ladies of the Otonabee Calendar Here, and Buy the Gentlemen of the Otonabee Calendar Here, and be sure to Like us on Facebook for more updates!

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