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11 Of The Funniest "Secret Admirer" Notes Kids Have Given To Their Crushes

Honestly, we can learn a thing or two about love from these kids.

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1. At the start of any courtship, it's important to be straightforward with your intentions.

Callie's Secret Admirer Note-stuck in her locker at school. Her reaction"I'm in 3rd grade not high school!"

2. But maybe don't tell your crush how weird she is until the second date.

even my admirer in fifth grade knew I was (am) "weird some times"

3. If you're a cat, it's crucial to point that out from the get-go.

Trott, aka Tortt, has a secret admirer in Kindergarten. He is your what, little 5-year-old cat?? #meetmamabear 🐻🐻

4. This one lost me at "L is for fish" but got me back at "A is for yur ass." Ah, young love. So pure.

My middle school secret admirer was a poet

5. Remember: Nothing will woo your crush like a cryptic poem and a drawing of a monkey thinking about a banana.

A secret admirer note from 5th grade HAHAHHAHA

6. Where do I start, Jimmy? Where do I even start?

7. Never, ever underestimate the power of loose change.

8. Cheaters? Nope, no 11-year-old cheaters here!

I found a secret admirer letter I got in 6th grade omfg this is honestly the best thing I've ever gotten to this day

9. If we can learn anything from this kid, it's that we shouldn't be afraid to lay it all out in the postscript.

10. "Get ready for a kiss I have my lipgloss." Tell 'em, girl.

My bro Luke has a secret admirer. #myboy #ladiesman

11. OK, the only funny thing about this last one is that it's from a 12-year-old and it's more romantic than most of the wedding vows I've witnessed.

The love letter I got in 7th grade 😍😂 awwwwww

Good work, kids. Good work.

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