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16 U.S. Restaurants That Are Paradise For Vegetarians

Land of the meat-free.

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1. Modern Love in Omaha, NE.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: The Lentil Burger (pictured) or Mac & Shews

The home base of vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz proves she's a cult favorite for a reason. The vegan nut cheeses are her speciality (hence "Mac & Shews"), but the Death By Chocolate Cheesecake is so good it literally might kill you.

2. Samosa House in Culver City, CA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegetarian

Best Dish: Get. The. Jackfruit.

Somewhat obviously, this place is famous for its samosas (as in really famous — they've won awards and have been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate). But the real star of any Samosa House meal is the jackfruit — it tastes just like pulled pork, only better.

3. by CHLOE in NYC.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: The Guac Burger

Ever since Gothamist named by CHLOE's Guac Burger the best veggie burger in New York, the restaurant has been seriously packed. You order at the counter inside so be prepared to wait in line, but even if it takes an hour, it'll be worth it.

4. The Chicago Diner in Chicago, IL.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegetarian

Best Dish: The Radical Reuben (and a Vegan Milkshake)

This place's motto is "Meat-Free Since '83," but you wouldn't know it: the menu lists items like Country-Fried Steak, Pierogi Quesadillas, and a good old Cuban Sandwich. It's located in Boystown, probably because country-fried seitan steaks are now your boyfriend.

5. Cafe Pettiroso in Seattle, WA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Neither, but both options are available

Best Dish: Shawn's Vegan Mac

This coffee-cart-turned restaurant has meat on the menu, but one bite of the smoky vegan mac-n-cheese can change even a carnivore's life. It'll have you asking "Who is Shawn, and is he single?"

6. Gracias Madre in San Francisco, CA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: Totopos With "Chorizo"

This is the Mexican offshoot from the founders of Cafe Gratitude, a vegan restaurant in L.A. that's famous for having dishes with names like, "I Am Humble" or "I Am Whole." Your non-veg friends might not be bold enough to join you there, but fortunately, Gracias Madre is a more accessible, just-as-delicious place to start. (Naturally, there's also a location in L.A.)

7. Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, MA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegetarian with vegan options

Best Dish: The Big Bang — a veggie version of a Big Mac

It makes sense that a comfort food-centric vegan spot would be in a college town. If you're feeling like something less basic than a veggie burger, try the corned beef "hash" — then add custom toppings, just BECAUSE YOU CAN.

8. Plant in Asheville, NC.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: Anything jerk-flavored

When a vegan restaurant is ranked #3 in a southern city, you know it has to be good. Heads up that this place is a little on the chic side, so dress accordingly.

9. Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: Everything is INSANE, but you've gotta try the Papparedelle Bolognese (pictured) or the imitation seafood platter.

Crossroads Kitchen is luxe vegan dining, smack in the middle of West Hollywood. They call it "plant-based Mediterranean inspired small plates;" we call it beautiful food that's delicious af.

10. Vedge in Philadelphia, PA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: Grilled Kohlrabi (but also every dessert)

This restaurant makes every single top vegan food list, although most people say they completely forgot they were eating vegan food at all. You can only get a "vegetable charcuterie plate" so many times in your life, so what are you waiting for?

11. Green Elephant in Portland, ME.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: The "Duck"

This asian-inspired restaurant features everything from curry to Banh mis. It's located on Congress Street just around the corner from the Portland Museum Of Art, so you can swing by afterwards to get your culture fix.

12. Lovin' Spoonfuls in Tucson, AZ.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegetarian

Best Dish: Cashew-Mushroom Paté or the Angel Hair Pasta (pictured)

The chef at this restaurant is a former chemist, which explains why the food is so perfectly spiced, seasoned, and flavorful. She says it best: "My goal is to promote veganism, and what better way?"

13. Cafe Sunflower in Atlanta, GA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegan

Best Dish: Loaded Brunch Burrito

Whether it's brunch or dinner, Cafe Sunflower knows how to spoil vegetarians. There are locations in both Buckhead and Sandy Springs (Sandy Springs is the original location), so you can go multiple times and still explore new parts of the city.

14. Russell Street Deli in Detroit, MI.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Neither, but there are both options available

Best Dish: Vegan TLT

This diner is generally very packed, so plan to wait in line. Your meat-eating friends can get Corned Beef or a Reuben while you choose from the wide variety of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. If you still have room, the soups are highly recommended as well!

15. Mohawk Bend in Los Angeles, CA.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Majority of the menu is vegan, some meat options

Best Dish: Buffalo Cauliflower

Mohawk Bend is the perfect place to bring your non-vegetarian friends — though you might woo them over to the dark side with the Buffalo Cauliflower appetizer. The restaurant is also smack in the middle of Silverlake, so after you're full of delicious food, you'll be right where the action is.

16. AVO in Nashville, TN.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Mostly Vegan

Best Dish: The AVO Margarita (yes, it's a drink, but it counts)

Avocado unites vegetarians and carnivores alike, and so does this restaurant. That said, the best thing on the menu is probably a drink: the AVO margarita. It's proof you don't need meat to have a good time.