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Prayer Quilt's Rightful Owner/Please Help Me Find Her!

I have done everything possible since last Tuesday when i found this quilt at the Goodwill that I believe was mistakingly dropped off. Shared 1,000's of times Check, posted on every site possible. Check, asked radio stations, police depts ...anyone with a big following to share. ,Check. Did a segment on KSDK Channel 5 news St Louis...Check. I still haven't found her and I need help. Please share!

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Prayer Quilt Righful Owner/Please help me find her!

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Here is my video. I was so incredibly nervous to do it. I first even said no. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32. I had a double mastectomy and 6 months of grueling chemo. I tend to fumble my words a bit, and I can't say I am the most confident in my skin. I decided I had to do it...because this wasn't about me. I truly believe God put me there to find this. I in no way am asking for anything. Please don't think that. I just want to reach as many people as possible. Even a link on FB posted, or even word of mouth is just wonderful and I would be so thabkful. I only have the very best intentions. I just need help. Thank you again for your time.

Jennifer Denbo

Rolla Missouri

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