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    33 Things Your Cat Would Most Definitely Ask For If They Could Speak

    A self-grooming brush, salmon nuggets, a window hammock, and more things on your cat's hypothetical Christmas list.

    1. A robotic cat toy because it can entertain them when you're too busy with work to play with them in the middle of the day. Thankfully, this rechargeable smart toy will keep them plenty occupied, with erratic movements and various accessories you can swap out to see which one your cat likes best.

    A gif of one reviewer's cat playing with the robot cat toy, which rolls, twirls, and pauses to catch the cat's attention
    The robot toy with a feather attached at the top and a cat staring at it intensely like it's about to pounce

    Bonus: It can run on both carpet and smooth floors!

    Promising review: "I admit I spoil my cat, and she has way too many toys, trees, etc. This one is a game-changer! She plays with everything for a very short time, then loses interest. I can't say enough about how much she loves this toy. The variety of attachments change it up, and she hasn't left it alone in days. I love that there are no batteries, and it can be charged with a USB cable. It's durable and the sensor keeps it moving all around the room without getting stuck anywhere. Truly the best entertainment I've found for her!" —Stacey

    Get it from Amazon for $21.90.

    2. A cat tree so your feline bbs can lounge, sleep, and play in the same spot. Cats like to be up high so they can see everything that's going on, and this gives them another place to climb and scratch that's *not* your expensive furniture. Plus, the adorable view of them dozing on it day in and day out never gets old.

    a beige multi level cat tree with two cats on it
    a cat sleeping on a level of the cat tree and another sleeping in a basket, Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed

    I've owned this exact cat tree for about a year and a half now and have to say, for the amount of use you (well, your cats) get out of it, it's a steal at this price. My cats (that's them on the right above) are on this thing EVERY day. There are sisal-covered posts along the entire height of it for your cats to scratch, and the rope is just now starting to come apart from the amount of feverish scratching my younger cat, Chicho, has done to it (which, for less than $100, I'm not mad about). Now, there are some parts of this tree my adult cats simple weren't interested in using: the hammock on the first level, the cubby hole on the second, and the tunnel on the third. Those are absolutely designed for kittens, making this a great tree for cats of all ages. My cats prefer the two top tiers of the tree and the side basket — which my very thick older cat, Sneaky, curls up in for his afternoon naps every single day. I appreciate that this cat tree doesn't take up a *ton* of space either and fits very well in my NYC apartment. If you've got a couple of kitties and haven't gotten them a dedicated cat tree yet, take this as your sign that it's worth it! 

    Get it from Amazon for $49.43+ (available in five colors). 

    3. And a suction cup cat hammock to give them the best window views for their bird-watching! It's capable of holding over 40 pounds of weight — so multiple kitties can curl up on it together — and withstanding any chewing on the stainless steel cables. Their sunbathing just got a major upgrade. 

    cat dozing on the suction cup hammock in a sunny window
    two cats hanging out in the window hammock

    Place it near a cat tree, and they'll be able to jump back and forth between them!

    Promising review: "I recently just moved out of my parents' place, where there were screened-in porches and large windows with easily accessible views for my cat, into an apartment that has few windows he can look out of. I bought this hoping it would give him a place to look outside and enjoy an afternoon nap. He typically never uses any cool stuff I buy for him, but as soon as he figured this out he fell in love with it! I find him most days lounging in it and watching all the animals that fly or walk by. I personally decked it out with a cozy blanket and some fake eucalyptus vine to make him feel like he’s in the wilderness. It’s easy to put together and hang and also comes apart easily. Would definitely recommend for an apartment kitty!" —Sara P

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in two colors).

    4. A self-grooming toy so your cats can get their neck and cheek scratching fix when you're not available (or capable) of showering them all with attention at once. 

    A reviewer's three-legged cat using the self-grooming cat toy to scratch his left cheek
    A gif of a reviewer's cat using the self-groomer cat brush to scratch its neck and cheek

    Promising review: "Our two cats love this — we have three in various rooms in the house. The scratcher really helps with our overly aggressive cats who like to 'nuzzle' our tv trays while we have coffee on them/almost tipping them over — we just pick them up, set the cat near one of the scratchers and re-direct them that way. We used those peel-and-stick velcro tabs to affix to the corner of the kitchen island and two hallway corners. They have been up for over 6 months at this point — no issue!" —wmchef

    Get it from Amazon for $5.50.

    5. A "jingle and roll" cat kicker toy filled with an organic, intoxicating blend of catnip, silver vine, and valerian root. It's durable enough to withstand their frantic bunny-kicking, gnawing, and scratching — which is good, because they won't be leaving it alone anytime soon.

    a cat kicking the gray sisal-covered tube
    Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys / Etsy

    Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys is a small, Chicago-based biz that creates handmade, eco-friendly pet toys. Owner David says his cats Sweetp and Simba serve as his inspiration. 

    Promising review: "She's obsessed! My cat has not let go of her new favorite toy since I took it out of the package. In fact, she's currently napping atop it. Excellent construction, fast shipping, and very communicative seller." —Sarah Mersch

    Get it from Hoff-n-Paw Pet Toys on Etsy for $15.25+ (available in sizes S–L and four colors). 

    6. An automatic cat feeder so they don't have to scratch at your door and waaaail until you begrudgingly get up from bed and feed them breakfast — and for those late nights at work when they're sitting at home waiting for their dinner. You just program this feeder to dispense a certain amount of food up to four times a day, and it'll make sure your cat gets fed at that time.

    The automatic cat feeder dispensing food into a bowl
    A view of the top of the automatic cat feeder, where a bunch of dry kibble is pre-loaded

    It plugs into the wall, but it also accepts batteries in case of power outages. Also, you can record a 10-second clip of your voice saying something like, "Maggie! It's time to eat!" so they get a consistent verbal cue that they recognize.

    Promising review: "We held off for years telling ourselves our cat would eventually accept his feeding time if we were consistent in ignoring him. Well, here we are. Wish we bought this sooner; best money I've ever spent. Plus, we can more easily leave our cat for a few days without worrying as much. The battery backup is a nice feature, and it's easy to program, and once you get it set up you basically don't need to do anything except monitor the amount of remaining food. My only slight complaint is that the bowl itself is a hollow plastic, so the food hitting the bowl was actually loud enough in the other room to wake us up. So we now just have it dispense onto the mat we have." —Jen E.

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in two colors and two sizes). 

    7. Or a sleek, modern set of elevated bowls that'll make eating more comfortable on your cat thanks to the raised, tilted design that doesn't put as much strain on their neck. It can also help with digestion and reduce spilling!

    the gray set of elevated cat bowls filled with food next to a reviewer's cat
    the reviewer's cat eating food out of one of the elevated cat bowls

    The wide design of the bowl will also help prevent whisker fatigue, which is when their whiskers get irritated from being touched or stimulated too much.

    Promising review: "I have always had a problem with my one cat vomiting undigested food. My vet told me she was probably eating too fast. I stumbled upon an ad on Facebook stating the bowl position was the reason for cats vomiting; bowls resting on the floor put their neck at an odd angle and can cause acid reflux. I’ve used them for about two weeks and my cat has not vomited once! It was almost a daily occurrence prior to purchasing these! I did have to rest their old bowls inside these to get them to eat. But after a few days I could put the food directly into these bowls and they did not complain." —kindlefire09-8

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    8. And an ultra-cute ceramic water fountain to ensure your cat *always* has access to fresh, bubbling water, because cats prefer not to drink out of stale water in a bowl — if you've ever seen them patting the water before drinking, that's partially why. The gentle, quiet flow of this fountain actually encourages them to drink *more* water, which is great for their long-term health.

    cat drinking out of a light green cactus water fountain
    Happy & Polly

    I've been using this cactus water fountain for months and absolutely love it. I've used the cheap plastic kind in the past and noticed that 1) they get dirty fast and are annoying to clean, and 2) cats can knock them over or push them around. This ceramic fountain has solved all my problems, and the best part is that both of my cats actually love drinking out of it! It's hefty and doesn't shift around as they are trying to drink, and there's been no attempts to dismantle it either. It gives off a good flow from either side of the cactus in the middle, and my cats either like to nibble on that or drink around the hole the water flows into. This fountain is also super quiet, though you'll notice it making a bit of a noise when the water gets low (which helps remind you to clean it out and put in fresh water), and it shuts off entirely when out of water for safety. Ample hydration is *so* important for cats, especially if they're mostly on a dry food diet, so it's worth it to invest in a proper watering fountain that's built to last. And this one is.

    Happy & Polly is a small business with an incredible collection of cutesy cat and dog products, from carriers and scratching posts to water fountains and even apparel.

    Get it from Happy & Polly for $84.99.

    9. clear toy blocker because it's such a letdown when they get all riled up for playtime, only to have their favorite toys disappear under furniture where they can't reach (especially when you're too lazy to get up and pull them back out). Yay, chasing the ball around can last longer than 10 seconds!

    It can also help discourage them from hiding under furniture!

    Promising review: "A must-have for ALL pet owners. This contraption is genius and will save cat (and dog) owners insane amounts of time and frustration retrieving toys. We used this beneath our oven and it works PERFECTLY. Cat can't destroy it (the way she shredded the foam insulation we had stuffed under there before) and we no longer have to get the yardstick out when literally all of her toys are 'gone.' Yes, this is a challenge to install, but 100% worth it. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat." —Allison Goldstein

    Get it from Amazon for $13.98+ (available in three sizes).

    10. A pet gate so cats can pass through into areas where bigger animals may not be allowed (sorry, Fido!) and continue on their merry way — and it also gives them a great escape route if they don't get along with a dog in the house. Cats: 1, Dogs: 0.

    I've used this exact gate in the past and found it really easy to set up in my doorway, and it's *extremely* sturdy once you adjust the tension properly — I can't see any dogs being able to break through, and it's made of metal, which discourages chewing. I personally used it when I adopted my younger cat and needed to slowly introduce him to my older cat. The space between the bars were wide enough for them to see and sniff each other without any possibility of them fighting. I will say that once the younger cat got braver, he was able to leap over the top of it, but my older, bigger cat could not (which meant the younger cat always had a means of escape). So keep that in mind, depending on your use case. You can also install it a few inches above the ground to get some extra height.

    Promising review: "I wish we bought this gate years ago since it was a constant game of figuring out how to keep the dog away from the cat's food and box. We even occasionally used a rollaway suitcase in a doorway as our makeshift solution. FINALLY — peace, cleanliness, and less money spent on extra cat food that our dog would devour every time she got a chance. Great gate!" —HillsideHaven

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

    11. Or a clever Door Buddy latch for a similar reason, because your cat doesn't want the dog eating poop out of their litter box any more than you do. The adjustable strap will hold a door open just wide enough for cats to pass through while keeping dogs at bay — perfect for blocking off a litter box room, or even for keeping the bedroom door a little propped open so the cat can come and go as they please at night. 

    Promising review: "We have a Boston Terrier who LOVES cat food but it makes him extremely sick. We needed something to keep him out but let the cats in so we tried this. It works so well, we bought a second one for our bedroom so the cats at night can come and go as they please but it keeps the dog in our room and out of their hair if they choose to wonder the house! I’m not sure how I lived without it but I won’t be without it now!" —Mickey Bergman

    Get it from Amazon for $16.94.

    12. cat door you can install in a sliding glass door or window so they can come and go as they please (and stop begging you to come back in immediately after you've let them out). Everyone wins here.

    a cat going through the cat door
    the reviewer's installed cat door

    It has a slide-in closing panel with a lock so you can restrict access when you don't want your cats going out, and the whole thing is easily removed thanks to its spring-loaded frame that lets you lift it right out of the sliding door track.

    Promising review: "Our cats took right to it! I figured it was going to be a nightmare training them. One of them jumped through it as I was installing it, AND I even had the main door wide open. It was hilarious! Anyway, I wanted to say that the retractable top makes it so easy to install and remove at will! It wasn’t something I was looking for, but once I realized this awesome feature, I knew it was a bonus! So, I quit on installing it permanently with all the screws and went with it as is. Now, when we are going to be gone longer than a day, I can just simply pull the retractable top down a little and remove the door. I was a little bummed about the sealing, or lack thereof, where the door makes contact with the PetSafe insert. So, I just ran up to the store and grabbed a couple different weather strip seals and put one on the PetSafe insert and one on our sliding glass door, overlapping them so they seal each other as the door closes shut. We bought the medium-size pet door because we have 15- and 20-pound beast cats. Our biggest fits just fine. I also fashioned a bar to fit between the door to brace lock it when we are asleep or gone. Lastly, the weather stripping it came with for the back of the door is fantastic! Very simple, and the sticky stuff is great!" —Lookin4That1Thing

    Get it from Amazon for $164.95+ (available in three colors, five sizes, and two styles).

    13. An outdoor catio, because your fur babes crave fresh air just as much as you do. It's quite an investment, but if you've got multiple kitties running around and available outdoor space, this playpen will let them take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature and give them so many places to lounge and jump around.

    the brown wooden catio decorated and cats inside
    the white catio lit up at night

    Psst — the cat door above would work well as an entrance to this. It has a front door for humans to pass through for playing and cleaning and six large platforms cats can lounge on, and the roof is covered with asphalt for weather protection.

    Promising review: "Once I rescued my fourth cat, I realized I had become a cat lady, so I figured I’d just roll with it and buy the cats their own patio. They absolutely love their extra freedom to come and go. They watch the lizards sunbathe in the morning and spend hours out there during the night. We have the cat door in the window so just like my human kids, they are constantly in and out. Shipping was faster than anticipated. No issues with packaging, parts or assembly." —Momma

    Get it from Amazon for $399.99+ (available in three colors).

    14. An organic cat grass growing kit — they'll love the flavor, *and* they'll have something fun to chew on that's not your indoor plants (some of which can be toxic!). Give them a taste of the outdoors with this cat-safe, fiber-rich grass, which includes a healthy mix of wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye and helps with digestion and hairball control. 

    Cat chewing on cat grass in a white mug
    a cat nuzzling the cat grass in a window

    Plus, it comes in an adorable cat face mug!

    The Cat Ladies is a family-owned, southern California-based small business founded in 2015 by a mother-daughter duo, who wanted to create unique, organic, non-toxic products for other passionate cat owners.

    Promising review: "As far as the flavor goes; the kitties seem to find it top notch! Was tall enough after only five days; but we held off for day six to make sure 'little destroyer' didn't pull it out by the roots! The cup opening keeps the shoots tight together unlike some you buy in the pet store. We couldn't be more pleased. We ordered a refill at the same time and plan to order again just to have two cups so my kids don't fight for position. No mold problems if you follow watering directions." —Kathleen M.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.94.

    15. A tunnel bed that'll function as a play area, a private snooze spot, *and* a place for them to hide when there are guests or dogs around that they'd rather keep their distance from.

    three cats in the tunnel bed (two in tunnel, one in middle part)
    cat dozing in the tunnel bed

    The middle of the tube has a plush cat bed in it, so they can also take cat naps there if they prefer to use the tunnel for play. You could also lay a blanket in the tunnel for added comfort!

    Promising review: "My cats absolutely love this thing! When I was putting it together, my 20-pound tabby immediately went inside the tube, and did not come out for over an hour! It was easy to put together (even with a 20-pound cat inside lol). But, this entire thing set up is about 3 feet long. It is HUGE. Make sure you have room!! The material is surprisingly soft, outside and inside the tunnel. And the light coloring allows light to filter through, which my cats like (I had a black tunnel that neither of them would go into). My smaller 10-pound tabby (black nose) LOVES to run around the house, and now he has added running a few laps inside this tunnel to his run lol. Both cats play in this ALL THE TIME. Both on the inside chasing each other, or one on the inside and one outside batting at each other. They use the tunnel as a good napping spot, and also a spot to hide from the vacuum or guests they aren't sure of. This has gotten soooooo much use from both cats. I would highly recommend this!!" —Trebeca

    Get it from Amazon for $37.99+ (available in two patterns).

    16. Soft catnip-infused felt balls your cat will want to chew on, kick, and bat around the room, and since they come in a set, there's plenty to go around if you have multiple kitties! They come with a "charging tin" so that when your kitties start to lose interest, you can just put the balls back in for a few hours to absorb more catnip — that way, they'll be good as new for the next energetic play session.

    cat next to catnip balls
    various colors of the catnip balls arranged
    Simply B Vermont / Etsy

    Simply B Vermont is a small business located in, you guessed it, Vermont. They make all kinds of adorable pet accessories and toys for cats AND dogs.

    Promising review: "The seller was super thoughtful and attentive, and most important of all our kitties are obsessed with these balls! Even my shyer one is running around with these having an absolute blast even without my tossing them around. It’s also wearing her out which is quite hard to do. Highly recommend!" —Ketti Schulenberg

    Get a set from Simply B Vermont on Etsy for $8.50+ (available in three styles; catnip refills also available).

    17. A catnip alternative variety box that'll be like Christmas has come early for your feline bb. They'll get to sample all sorts of new ingredients that'll tingle their senses — and if you have a cat who doesn't respond to the regular catnip at the store, this is a great way to figure out what gets them going and help encourage more play.

    a box of catnip alternatives, including valerian, silvervine powder, matatabi sticks, home grown catnip, and a refillable toy
    reviewer's cat chewing on a matatabi stick

    The box includes matatabi chew sticks, silvervine powder, valerian root, and an all-natural blend of catnip packed with the most potent part of the plant: its flowers. The box comes with one refillable toy.

    Meowy Janes is a small New Jersey-based business that sells all natural catnip and alternatives such as whole silvervine fruit.

    Promising reviews: "This stuff is a lot better than regular catnip. From the time I open the box, my two cats are all over me to get at it. Just a little bit at the time will satisfy them. They like chewing and rubbing on the sticks as well as playing with toys that you apply it to. I have purchased this a couple of times and they never get tired of it." —C. Scroggs

    Get it from Amazon for $29.93. They sell everything separately in their shop too, so once you figure out what your cats like, you can always order more of that specific item!

    18. Or a catnip wall mount with four different-flavored balls for them to play with and discover which is their favorite — basically like a flight for kitties. They'll have fun investigating each flavor (and you'll appreciate not having to vacuum up loose catnip that's been strewn all over the floor).

    chart showing what each of the different ball toys is flavored with
    cat licking on one of the wall mounted ball treats

    It's flavored with cat sugar, catnip, silvervine, and gall fruit, respectively. 

    Promising review: "My cats absolutely LOVE this toy! I really like that it adheres to wherever you want to put it, PLUS it is a no mess catnip/treat option for your furry babies! I bought two and WILL be getting more soon, I love them that much! HIGHLY recommend this product and this seller!!!!! Seller is also really sweet and is quick to respond to emails should you have any questions! You don't find customer service like this anymore, THE BEST!!!" —Pumphrey 

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (also available as standalones without the board).