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    23 Things That'll Get Your Home Looking (And Smelling) Like Fall

    Deck out your home with pumpkins, leaves, candles, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bag of potpourri that works double time as a soothing fragrance (fresh apples, cinnamon, and citrus — yum) and autumnal home decor when you pour it into a bowl or vase.


    Promising review: "Smells so good, and the apple pieces were packed very neatly in a separate part of the package so they wouldn’t be squished. The smell is just lovely!!! It’s a strong smell, too — not overbearing, yet strong (but strong to where you can actually smell it in the whole room)." —Amanda P.

    Get it from Amazon for $28.

    2. A fall doormat, because how else will everyone know what season it is?? The letters on this coir fiber doormat have a raised, velvet-like texture, and they're made to last a long time without fading. That means this is a mat you can break out year after year!

    A coir doormat with the words "It's Fall Y'all" on it in black, surrounded by pumpkins on either side and a black-and-white checkered mat underneath. A person's legs are visible in front of the mat.
    Bloom With Claire / Etsy

    This generic fall design can work for the entire season, but if you're looking for Halloween doormat options, this Etsy seller has a ton of ~spooky~ designs as well. 

    Get it from Bloom With Claire on Etsy for $49.50 (available in other designs). 

    Bloom With Claire is a woman-owned small business that creates unique doormats, from seasonal designs to mats with witty sayings, pop-cultured themed quotes, and more.

    3. And a gorgeous wreath to give your door a fresh look for fall, with vibrant red berries and yellow leaves that are just perfect for the season.


    Plus, it comes with a white storage box so you can easily put it away and pull it back out next year without any damage.

    Promising review: "Rich, vibrant fall colors — a wreath that is beautiful and highly visible close up or at a distance. I considered a number of wreaths on Amazon and other sites before selecting this one. As several other reviewers have noted, this wreath is lovelier than I had imagined, the prettiest fall wreath I’ve ever seen. It was packed in a nice box for storage, and requires shaping before hanging. I’ve hung it under a covered porch and plan to store it in a climate-controlled area to preserve its longevity. So pleased to have found this wonderful wreath and to learn about the Wreath Depot, indeed a quality company!" —DW

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    4. A faux fur throw blanket that's basically the definition of cozy. This isn't one of those skimpy throws that barely covers your legs — it's one you can really wrap up in on a chilly fall morning. (Heads up: Your pets will probably love it too.)

    An orange blanket being held up in front of someone, covering their entire body

    The Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket comes in a couple of different orange colors if you're going full fall with your decor, but it's also available in more neutral shades as well. Some reviewers say they love this throw so much, they've picked it up in multiple colors.

    Promising reviews: "I own three of these myself and just bought the blush as a gift. This blanket is so soft and cozy, you won't want to leave the couch once you're cuddled up in it. Beyond happy with the quality and vivid, rich colors. Once you buy one, you'll be back for more!" —Nor13

    "The best throw blanket ever! I'm one tall chica, and I have had trouble with blankets being too tiny but this one is perfect! I love the ochre color and the softness/plushness does not disappoint. My family, friends and fur babies all love to use it. Buy it — you won't regret it at all!" —biggirlbritt

    Get it from Anthropologie for $98 (available in eight colors).

    5. Or if you prefer a chunkier look, a knit blanket for around the same price — it also comes with multiple colors.


    Because of the holes, chunky knit blankets are more delicate and prone to damage if you're not careful, so just keep that in mind! They're great for tossing onto a bed or couch for some added color and texture, and you'll definitely want to curl up in it as well.

    Promising review: "I gifted this blanket to myself and told everyone in my household that it is MINE! Well, my dog Pippin has already decided that I need to share with him. It’s super soft and cozy. I’ve been snuggled up in it to read every night since it arrived — when Pippin lets me, that is. ❤️" —Leslie Gay

    Get it from Amazon for $99.97 (available in 10 colors).

    6. A pumpkin spice soy candle, because candles are a fall staple, and this one will have your home smelling oh-so nice.

    An orange candle with a black lid
    The Sisters Stoned / Etsy

    Pumpkin-scented candles aren't exactly a rarity during this time of year, but reviewers can't get enough of this hand-poured scent from Etsy seller The Sisters Stoned, an LGBTQ-owned business created by two best friends obsessed with candles. The PSL Soy Candle has top notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and orange peel, middle notes of pumpkin, clove, and black tea, and base of vanilla and graham cracker. There's nothing basic about this PSL!

    Promising review: "I was so excited about these candles, and I was not disappointed! I live in the South for school, and I wanted to experience some fall spirit. These candles smell wonderful, both while burning and afterward. The scent was enough to make my entire apartment smell lovely. I purchased both the PSL scent and the Autumn Stroll, and I genuinely love both. The PSL candle smells like what I assume five pumps of pumpkin smells like in a cup. It’s truly amazing. I will be buying from them again!" —Lauren Guillot

    Get it from The Sisters Stoned on Etsy for $18.

    7. Or a pumpkin spice reed diffuser to make any room smell absolutely incredible. It gives off a strong scent without being too overwhelming, according to reviewers., Amazon

    Notes of freshly brewed coffee are blended with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger in this autumnal diffuser set that comes with eight reeds. It'll make your home smell incredible for up to three months!

    Promising reviews: "This is my favorite diffuser I’ve ever had. The aroma is lovely and not overpowering, even in a small room. We got two and are using them in different sized rooms, both great. They are lasting for such a long time. I really like the look of the bottle as well. All-around great item." —Amazon customer

    "This diffuser is perfect for my little cubicle area. I’ve been getting so many compliments on it! It has a subtle yet noticeable scent. Absolutely love!" —Zoe Kiraly

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    8. For those not into spicy-sweet pumpkin scents, a cotton- and sandalwood-scented candle that will have you dreaming of crisp fall mornings. It's very appropriately named Sweater Weather.

    A red candle with a white label that says "Sweater Weather / Smells like crisp air and cashmere cardis / Cotton & sandalwood"

    Promising review: "Sweater Weather perfection. It always feels like a bit of a risk to buy a candle online, but you really can’t go wrong with this one. The smell is so lovely." —ARicc

    Get it from Anthropologie for $32 (Anecdote Autumn Glass candle available in four scents).

    Side note: If you're going to be lighting a ton of candles this fall (or just in general), I highly recommend this electric candle lighter. Its battery lasts a long time in between charges — I was able to finally stop buying those fuel-powered ones that you have to throw away eventually — and the flexible neck lets you bend it to get the perfect angle for lighting your candle.

    9. A gold-stenciled vase for flowers to freshen up any room. You can get dried flowers for low-effort, long-lasting decor or refill it with fresh flowers every week.,

    Promising review: "These vases are made very well. The gold spots on the vases are like a gold foil so it's very shiny especially in certain lighting. The vases also have a few small circular sponges on the bottom so that it stays put. For the price, it's definitely worth it. So far I have purchased the 14-inch vase, 10-inch vase, and eight mini vases and can say that I am 100% satisfied. One of the best purchases I've made on Amazon." —CB

    Get it from Amazon for $33.16 (available in three sizes).

    10. And fall-colored faux eucalyptus stems to put in that vase. You get six pieces, which can be used all together or split up into different vases if you prefer.

    A white vase with red and yellow eucalyptus stems in it

    Promising review: "I’m very happy with this eucalyptus. The colors are so nice — very tasteful fall colors. The leaves are made of a stiff fabric, and the stems are wrapped with brown paper. No fake-looking plastic, except where leaves are attached to the stems, and that’s well done and not really noticeable. When I first opened the package, some of the leaves were folded over, but I just dampened them and straightened them out with my fingers. It took about 20 minutes to do all six stems, but they dried quickly and look great now." —Sandra D.

    Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

    11. A set of autumnal hand towels for your kitchen or bathroom, because they'll make you happy every time you go to wash your hands. This set of two towels is made of 100% cotton, so you know they're soft, and the designs are embroidered.

    White hand towels with the words "Happy Fall Y'all" embroidered on in blue and brown

    Promising review: "I bought these for a spare bathroom that’s used multiple times a day. So far, these have held up well even after washing them. A little lint comes off but not much at all. They’re very soft. I’m glad I purchased them!" —Why do I even...

    Get them from Amazon for $28.99 (available in nine designs).

    12. And a brownish-orange ~pouf~ ottoman that kinda looks like a pumpkin (like, if you squint a little) while adding bohemian flair and dimension to your space year-round. Kick up your feet on it while you're on the couch, use it as extra seating, or put a tray on it to use as a side table.

    A brown pouf ottoman with a stitched design

    This ~pouf~ (I'm sorry, it's just so fun to say) was handmade in Morocco and is covered in leather upholstery with a cotton fill. The stitching on it is beautiful and well done, according to reviewers. 

    Promising review: "These poufs have added such a flare to my house. I have two of these now. They were purchased to just give everyone a place to rest their feet if they weren't lounging on the big couch. Now they have really become statements in and of themselves. I get so many comments about how cute they are and inquiring where they can be purchased. They're comfortable and well made and just have really added to the bohemian flare of the space." —Avril J.

    Get it from Overstock for $139.12 (available in six colors). 

    13. A pumpkin pillow, but make it velvet. White henna-like designs on each of the three pumpkins give it a unique and elegant look for your couch, chair, or bed.

    A white velvet pillow with pumpkins on it in three different colors (orange, blue, and garnet)

    Note that you'll receive both a zippered cover and plush insert!

    Promising review: "The colors are deeper than my monitor shows. The insert is substantial and soft, and so is the cover, making them easy to put together. I like that it will be easy to switch covers seasonally, and it will be easier to store the pillow covers rather than the total pillow. The insert alone was worth the price for this total pillow!" —Ecstaticretiree

    Get it from Overstock for $28.49.

    14. And simple yet cute wooden drink-shaped signs to get any coffee drinkers in the fall spirit — you can place them anywhere you want (next to a candle, on a table centerpiece, or next to your coffee maker, for example) to instantly upgrade that space.


    Promising review: "I absolutely love these plaques. Super nice quality — I am very happy with these. They are large, thick, and full of colors and details. They are lightweight and can set alone or as a group. They can be used as festive kitchen decor or part of a centerpiece, like I’m doing with these. I love how it’s turning out, too. Awesome price and would be a cute gift idea — highly recommend!" —Haley Fox Blog

    Get them from Amazon for $16.99 (available in five styles).

    15. On the topic of coffee: A spooky mug that's so cute, I'd use it 12 months out of the year. During the fall, you can keep it on display in your coffee area for some Halloween flair.


    Pumpkins, black cats, bats, a guy with a jack-o-lantern head on a bike — this vintage-y ceramic mug truly has everything.

    Get it from ModCloth for $15.

    16. A set of two rustic wall sconces made of Mason jars and LED fairy lights for adding the coziest glow to any room. You can stick with the included white peonies and greenery, add seasonal touches, like fall leaves and flowers, or replace the flowers entirely with your own.,

    It's easily to switch these lights on and off or put them on a daily schedule thanks to a small included remote, and there are eight different lighting modes if you want a flashing effect rather than a consistent glow.

    Promising review: "I was looking for something to accent a wall that was extremely plain when I stumbled across this product. It wasn't what I had in mind, but it's so much better than anything I was thinking of! The pics say it all, but they're gorgeous! Goes perfectly with the vibe I have going on already, and I love that you can kinda customize it however you'd like! I ended up putting a little leftover fake moss I had from another project in the bottom, and more of the lights around the top to show off the flowers more. You could even change out with some fall-colored artificial flowers for the upcoming season or poinsettias around Christmas time for really cheap from Hobby Lobby. Very happy with the ones that it came with though for the every day look. This product far exceeded my expectations! :)" —NeiKeA

    Get them from Amazon for $33.26 (available in four styles).

    17. And for those who don't live somewhere that gets actual fall foliage, a little light-up tree to let you pretend. Scatter some fake fall leaves around the base for an even cuter look!

    A fake light-up tree with orange and red flowers on a brown tabletop next to more fake leaves

    This battery-powered tree uses three AA batteries, and you can set them on a timer for six hours on before they shut off automatically. This is to conserve battery life — if you want to light your tree for longer, you'll have to pop the batteries in and out to reset that timer.

    Promising review: "This tree is definitely a great addition to my fall collection. Upon opening, the box that the tree came in was bent, but that’s not enough reason to say less about this fall tree. Each branch is easily movable to your liking, and just remember that when you put your three AA batteries in, your timer is then set for the next six hours to light up your fall tree. I really wish that the time was a little longer, or that you had the option to leave them on 24 hours. I have already popped one battery in and out a few times, just to change the six-hour time. I will save the box for safekeeping, and next year, I’ll have fun doing this all over again! Enjoy!!" —Vickey

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    18. Perfectly placed fall leaf window clings that add bright pops of colors to your windows, especially on a sunny day. Don't worry about them leaving glue behind — they stick by themselves using static and come off just as easily.

    Red, orange, and green stick-on leaves applied to a clear window overlooking a street

    Tip: It's a good idea to wipe down your windows before you put these on!

    Promising review: "Really enjoyed the colors of fall with this set — you definitely get your money's worth, as there are so many to choose from. You can put fall up on every window in the house! I followed the directions as I have never used these before. They went on great, but more importantly, they came off super easy unlike the other brand I bought for Christmas. This brand's stickers were heavier plastic, easy to apply, and came off just as easy. Just keep the paper they came on, peel them off your window(s), and put them back on the sheet (basically in the same spot, as you can see the shape of each leaf). The colors and details were vivid and life-like. Very lovely." —Jo Anne Maarten

    Get them from Amazon for $8.98

    19. And a cozy tabletop glass fireplace, which isn't just nice to look at — it can also be used for s'mores!

    A mini tabletop glass fireplace burning
    One Man One Garage / Etsy

    A bit of assembly is required when you first unpack this mini fireplace, but the pieces snap together pretty easily. You'll just need to provide your own fuel (this three-pack of Sterno cans from Amazon will work just fine), and you can buy it with or without sand and rocks. The sand is needed to protect the wood base from direct heat, so you'll need to use some of your own if you don't get the Deluxe kit. When not burning a fire, you can also just use this as a holder for a regular candle!

    Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful! I bought this for a friend, and she had a great time putting it together. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I got the deluxe box with extras and it didn't disappoint! The wooden forks for the s'mores were perfect. The overall structure is sturdy and adds such an ambiance, a perfect centerpiece while chatting it up for hours! Definitely recommend." —Megan

    Get it from One Man One Garage on Etsy for $20.40+ (available in three styles). 

    One Man One Garage is a small business based in Nashville that was founded in 2013 and offers artisan design, many of which also make great gifts!

    20. A set of spooky ceramic dishes no Halloween party is complete without, handy for displaying appetizers. Alternatively, you could use them to store small jewelry. Either way, I'm obsessed.

    Three Halloween-themed ceramic dishes: A ghost, a spider web, and a jack-o-lantern

    Exact measurements for each dish aren't available, but they range from 4.5 to 5 inches long and 3.25 to 5 inches wide.

    Get the three-piece set from ModCloth for $22.

    21. Beautiful velvet pumpkins that are handmade with actual pumpkin stems! Get a few of these and create a gorgeous table centerpiece.

    A pile of different-colored velvet pumpkins with golden stems
    Shore Crafty / Etsy

    Both fall colors and neutral shades are available, so you can mix and match depending on your home's color scheme!

    Promising review: "It’s hard to find velvet pumpkins that are beautifully constructed with real stems! Both pumpkins I ordered were perfect!! Shipping was quick. I will for sure be ordering more, I was hoping to score a light green one the next time they are back in stock." —queenofamor

    Get them from Shore Crafty on Etsy for $24.99+ (available in multiple sizes and colors).

    In addition to velvet pumpkins, small business Shore Crafty also offers stunning birthstone jewelry, keychains, necklaces, and other keepsakes, so check them out!

    22. A new area rug to completely change the look of your living room or bedroom with both neutral and autumnal shades that can bring together all of your decor.


    Whether you're looking for a larger rug for your living room or a small rug for the kitchen, this fall-inspired rug available in multiple sizes will bring warmth and color to any room. Reviewers note that it's easy to clean — a big plus for pet owners — but that the rug comes tightly rolled, so you'll need to weigh it down for a few days so it can settle. One customer even recommended using a steam iron over a towel on the rug to quickly get any creases out.

    Promising reviews: "My living room floor has tile on it, and I wanted something that would warm up the space. Since there are cats that live here, I felt an area rug would be easier to maintain. So far, it fits the room well. The cats have already managed to throw up on the rug, and it was easy to clean up. I guess that is their obnoxious way of showing approval. Upon unpacking and unfolding the rug, there were creases in the material. I placed a white Terry cloth bar towel on top of the folds and used a regular steam iron on top of the towel to get the creases out. I would recommend testing a spot before you try this at home." —Amazon customer

    "Purchased this rug for Thanksgiving to go with my fall colors. The rug took a day to lie down on one edge, but the colors were perfect. It has taken spills with no problem. It is so easy to clean. It is thin, so I did put a pad under it and now it is fine. It vacuums up great and goes with so many colors. I love it!" —Debra123

    Get it from Amazon for $24+ (available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors).

    23. An absolutely stunning bouquet of hand-dyed wooden flowers with classic fall colors and a rustic white Mason jar. Every flower is handmade and unique, so you're getting a true work of art to put on any shelf, table, or other surface in your home. The darker colors here work great for the transition into winter as well.

    A fall bouquet of dark red, orange, and beige wooden flowers in a white Mason jar
    Pine And Petal Wedding / Etsy

    You can opt for a scent (like pumpkin pie, vanilla, or eucalyptus) to be added, and if you already have a container you want to use, you can save a bit of money by buying just the loose flowers. 

    Promising review: "OMG!!! This arrangement is autumnal perfection!! It is stunning, and so unique. I may have to order more for gifts for Christmas and birthdays in the future. The seller was very communicative and double-checked my mailing address. I would not want this beauty lost in the mail, that's for sure! Shipping was quick after product was made. Would most definitely purchase from here again." —Gail Marracci

    Get it from Pine And Petal Wedding on Etsy for $72+ (available with or without the jar and optional scents). 

    As the name suggests, Pine And Petal Weddings is a wedding-focused store that crafts delicate flowers made entirely from organic, eco-friendly materials like wood, paper, and dried naturals. In addition to bouquets like the one above, they also make hairpieces, boutonnières, corsages, and more.

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