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    23 Things That'll Get Your Home Looking (And Smelling) Like Fall

    Deck out your home with pumpkins, leaves, candles, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bag of potpourri that works double time as a soothing fragrance (fresh apples, cinnamon, and citrus — yum) and autumnal home decor when you pour it into a bowl or vase.

    2. A fall doormat, because how else will everyone know what season it is?? The letters on this coir fiber doormat have a raised, velvet-like texture, and they're made to last a long time without fading. That means this is a mat you can break out year after year!

    A coir doormat with the words "It's Fall Y'all" on it in black, surrounded by pumpkins on either side and a black-and-white checkered mat underneath. A person's legs are visible in front of the mat.

    3. And a gorgeous wreath to give your door a fresh look for fall, with vibrant red berries and yellow leaves that are just perfect for the season.

    4. A faux fur throw blanket that's basically the definition of cozy. This isn't one of those skimpy throws that barely covers your legs — it's one you can really wrap up in on a chilly fall morning. (Heads up: Your pets will probably love it too.)

    An orange blanket being held up in front of someone, covering their entire body

    5. Or if you prefer a chunkier look, a knit blanket for around the same price — it also comes with multiple colors.

    6. A pumpkin spice soy candle, because candles are a fall staple, and this one will have your home smelling oh-so nice.

    An orange candle with a black lid

    7. Or a pumpkin spice reed diffuser to make any room smell absolutely incredible. It gives off a strong scent without being too overwhelming, according to reviewers.

    8. For those not into spicy-sweet pumpkin scents, a cotton- and sandalwood-scented candle that will have you dreaming of crisp fall mornings. It's very appropriately named Sweater Weather.

    A red candle with a white label that says "Sweater Weather / Smells like crisp air and cashmere cardis / Cotton & sandalwood"

    9. A gold-stenciled vase for flowers to freshen up any room. You can get dried flowers for low-effort, long-lasting decor or refill it with fresh flowers every week.

    10. And fall-colored faux eucalyptus stems to put in that vase. You get six pieces, which can be used all together or split up into different vases if you prefer.

    A white vase with red and yellow eucalyptus stems in it

    11. A set of autumnal hand towels for your kitchen or bathroom, because they'll make you happy every time you go to wash your hands. This set of two towels is made of 100% cotton, so you know they're soft, and the designs are embroidered.

    White hand towels with the words "Happy Fall Y'all" embroidered on in blue and brown

    12. And a brownish-orange ~pouf~ ottoman that kinda looks like a pumpkin (like, if you squint a little) while adding bohemian flair and dimension to your space year-round. Kick up your feet on it while you're on the couch, use it as extra seating, or put a tray on it to use as a side table.

    A brown pouf ottoman with a stitched design

    13. A pumpkin pillow, but make it velvet. White henna-like designs on each of the three pumpkins give it a unique and elegant look for your couch, chair, or bed.

    A white velvet pillow with pumpkins on it in three different colors (orange, blue, and garnet)

    14. And simple yet cute wooden drink-shaped signs to get any coffee drinkers in the fall spirit — you can place them anywhere you want (next to a candle, on a table centerpiece, or next to your coffee maker, for example) to instantly upgrade that space.

    15. On the topic of coffee: A spooky mug that's so cute, I'd use it 12 months out of the year. During the fall, you can keep it on display in your coffee area for some Halloween flair.

    16. A set of two rustic wall sconces made of Mason jars and LED fairy lights for adding the coziest glow to any room. You can stick with the included white peonies and greenery, add seasonal touches, like fall leaves and flowers, or replace the flowers entirely with your own.

    17. And for those who don't live somewhere that gets actual fall foliage, a little light-up tree to let you pretend. Scatter some fake fall leaves around the base for an even cuter look!

    A fake light-up tree with orange and red flowers on a brown tabletop next to more fake leaves

    18. Perfectly placed fall leaf window clings that add bright pops of colors to your windows, especially on a sunny day. Don't worry about them leaving glue behind — they stick by themselves using static and come off just as easily.

    Red, orange, and green stick-on leaves applied to a clear window overlooking a street

    19. And a cozy tabletop glass fireplace, which isn't just nice to look at — it can also be used for s'mores!

    A mini tabletop glass fireplace burning

    20. A set of spooky ceramic dishes no Halloween party is complete without, handy for displaying appetizers. Alternatively, you could use them to store small jewelry. Either way, I'm obsessed.

    Three Halloween-themed ceramic dishes: A ghost, a spider web, and a jack-o-lantern

    21. Beautiful velvet pumpkins that are handmade with actual pumpkin stems! Get a few of these and create a gorgeous table centerpiece.

    A pile of different-colored velvet pumpkins with golden stems

    22. A new area rug to completely change the look of your living room or bedroom with both neutral and autumnal shades that can bring together all of your decor.

    23. An absolutely stunning bouquet of hand-dyed wooden flowers with classic fall colors and a rustic white Mason jar. Every flower is handmade and unique, so you're getting a true work of art to put on any shelf, table, or other surface in your home. The darker colors here work great for the transition into winter as well.

    A fall bouquet of dark red, orange, and beige wooden flowers in a white Mason jar

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