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22 Women On Instagram Who Will Inspire Your Health And Fitness Journey

Make sure your feed is filled with nothing but good vibes and positive energy.

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Instagram is honestly really great, and can be a perfect way to motivate yourself. But sometimes, especially with fitness accounts, it can be hard to escape the cycle of photoshopped, filtered photos of super skinny girls. You know, the ones with shredded abs and bubble butts doing yoga poses on the beach at sunrise. While those are still totally valid and inspiring photos, sometimes it's good to get some new pics in the mix. Every body type should be celebrated and loved, so here are some new accounts you can check out.

1. Massy Arias

Instagram: @massy

Massy is a celebrity trainer with a truly incredible body, especially considering she has a young daughter. (Look at this photo omg.) She's got a 30-day program you can sign up for, or you can just let her posts inspire the hell out of you. She uploads some pretty awesome workout vids you should bookmark for later.

2. Zehra Allibhai

Instagram: @zallibhai

Zehra is a Canadian mum whose Instagram pics will remind you that there is always time in the day to work out, even if you've got two little kids at home. She shares at-home workouts you can do yourself, and cute snaps of her active family.

3. Riley

Instagram: @healthychick101

As Riley puts it in her Insta bio, she's "just a huge girl tryna get some abs". Her refreshing personality and funny Insta stories make her well worth a follow, and she also often shares her workout routines. Riley's a great inspiration for anyone who feels out of place or intimidated in the gym.

4. Linora Low

Instagram: @linoralow

Linora is constantly pushing herself and acknowledges how hard it can be to always be on the gym grind, which is relatable AF. As she says, with every struggle, there is something to be learnt. She's a lifter and promotes finding a balance between physical and mental health, because you can't have one without the other.

5. Steph

Instagram: @steph182xx

Steph is literally the queen of oats. Her high-protein oat bowls are like works of art, and she always shares her recipes so you can copy them at home. Her honest posts about eating disorder recovery will inspire anyone with a similar story, as she shares her journey shifting from counting macros to intuitive eating.

6. Emma

Instagram: @em_wizzfit

OK, if Steph is the oat queen, then Emma is the ice cream queen. Her Insta shows how you can have a balanced diet and fuel your body, but still enjoy incredible ice cream creations. She's currently training for an upcoming powerlifting comp and is a perfect reminder that women shouldn't be afraid of weight training.

7. Dawn Estelle

Instagram: @estellearcher

Dawn is a runner who is all about self-love and good nutrition. She follows a plant-based diet and shares heaps of food ideas for all you vegans out there. Her posts are all about smashing goals and workouts, and embracing the body you've got.

8. Zanna Van Dijk

Instagram: @zannavandijk

Not only will Zanna inspire you to be your best self in the gym, but she's also a fierce eco-warrior who constantly encourages her followers to live more consciously – without having to make major changes. She's a Girl Gains cofounder along with Tally and Victoria, who are worth a follow as well!

9. Emily

Instagram: @emilymarni

Emily's a vegan who is sharing her eating disorder recovery with open and honest posts, detailing how hard it really is to be OK with gaining weight and having a healthy relationship with food. Her journey from cardio bunny to weightlifter is inspiring and she has truly mastered the gym selfie.

10. Elhum

Instagram: @eot_fit

Elhum shares photos on her Instagram to remind other Muslim women that it's OK to work out in hijabs, in gyms that aren't segregated for women only. She's trying to counteract Muslim women stereotypes by sharing fire gym selfies and also uploads workouts.

11. Shapprell Dallas

Instagram: @shapprelldallas

Shapprell is 46 years old, though you'd never know by looking at her photos. Her posts are all about energetic captions that'll motivate you to drag yourself out of bed and get yourself moving.

12. Stef

Instagram: @wholesomestef

Stef is a holistic health coach who aims to help women change their attitudes and approach to food. She often talks about eating disorder recovery and the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. She shares some pretty rad yoga flows and healthy recipes.

13. Elisabeth Akinwale

Instagram: @eakinwale

Elizabeth is a fitness coach from Chicago and also a CrossFit athlete. As well as being super strong in the gym, she also promotes mindfulness and yoga, and the importance of finding inner strength.

14. Lauren Fisher

Instagram: @laurenfisher

Lauren's a CrossFit athlete who is strong as hell, both physically and mentally. She's a good break from all the skinny yoga bodies on Instagram, and a great reminder that women can be just as strong and muscular as men – if not more so.

15. Jessamyn

Instagram: @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is an incredible yogi who is all about "Everybody Yoga" – the idea that you don't have to have a certain body type or fitness level to be able to participate. She shares videos of her yoga flows, and every post is a reminder that strength isn't always about having shredded abs and toned arms.

16. Tanya Poppett

Instagram: @tanyapoppett

Tanya's posts are no bullshit, no filter. What you see is what you get. She's a fit AF trainer who posts a lot of bodyweight circuit workouts that you can do at home. She's also a big believer in healthy being a "feeling" rather than a "look", which is always important to remember.

17. Kaisa Keranen

Instagram: @kaisafit

Kaisa's Insta is filled with truly cool photos that honestly just make me want to get up and get moving. She also shares workout ideas and loves a bit of sneaker porn.

18. Rahaf K.

Instagram: @runlikeahijabi

Rahaf is a marathon runner and all-round badass. She shares inspirational messages that'll constantly inspire you to better yourself, and she rocks some pretty on-point activewear.

19. Kirstie Gannaway

Instagram: @kirstiegannaway

Kirstie is an MMA fighter whose Instagram feed is fierce as hell. She recently injured her knee and is sharing her recovery journey – how she still stays fit and healthy without compromising herself further. She's a great reminder to always strive for greatness no matter what setbacks come along the way.

20. Kate

Instagram: @dedikated_lifestyle

Kate's fitness journey has seen her shed 50kg naturally, without detox teas or 2-week miracle shreds that are all too common on Instagram. After losing a ton of weight, and then putting some back on, she's all about living a balanced, maintainable, healthy lifestyle, without restriction or calorie-counting.

21. Nana Al Haleq

Instagram: @nanaalhaleq

Nana's feed is filled with functional and weight-based training circuits that are all totally doable and not even that intimidating. She's super strong and her can-do attitude will give you any motivation you need!

22. Sarah

Instagram: @sarahs_day

Sarah is honestly just #lifegoals. Her motto is "listen to your body" and preaches clean living without depriving yourself of cravings or fun times. She's got an infectious happy vibe, and her posts are cheerful and about spreading self-love. Her Insta stories are always worth a watch as well, as she shares recipes and workouts.