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    "Letterkenny" Is The Canadian Sitcom You Never Knew You Needed And Here's 15 Reasons Why

    🚨 Red Alert: It's available on Hulu! 🚨

    1. You get to learn fun, new Canadian slang.

    2. It teaches important life lessons.

    3. Daryl is too pure for this world.

    4. Nothing gets in Katy's way.

    5. We're all Squirrely Dan sometimes.

    6. Riley and Jonesy are the DEFINITION of bromance.

    7. Gail knows what she wants.

    8. Every friend group needs a good cry.

    9. McMurray WILL fight you.

    10. If there's a trash can, Coach will kick it.

    11. We all get as lost as Glen is sometimes.

    12. The best dance moves on TV.

    13. Shoresy is THE WORST.

    14. There are dogs, need I say more?

    15. And most importantly, you will always learn something new.

    And now, we must wait to see what will happen in Season 7.