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Here Are The Different Options For Periods Because Tampons And Pads Are So Yesterday

Let's talk about blood, baby.

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First thing's first, let me tell you that bleeding from your hooha is a beautiful, natural bodily function that you should never ever be ashamed of.

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Even when it feels like you could flood a whole room.

Now that we've gotten that part out of the way, lets start with all the different types of products you can use.


First there's good ol' regular tampons.

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Like Tampax.

You can also get them with an applicator.

Not that great for the environment cause more plastic, but can do wonders for your hair apparently.

Then there's pads and panty liners.


Like Always.

And then there's organic biodegradable tampons and pads.


Like Yoni.

This is where it gets fun.


There's soft tampons you can even have sexy time with.

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Like JoyDivision.

There's reusable sea sponge tampons... yeah SpongeBob is shook.

Like Jade & Pearl.

Then there's reusable washable pads.

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Like Lunapads.

And even reusable underwear and let me tell you, it does not look bad. You can even get yourself a pair of period-proof thongs.

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Like Thinx.

Then there's soft cups, which are also sex-proof.


Like Flex.

And then there's reusable menstrual cups. Great choice for heavy flows and wide set vaginas.

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Like Lunette.

So yeah ladies, be proud and continue bleeding, but also know that there other options besides what yo mama told ya.

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