Actors' Sexualities Shouldn't Determine If They Get A Role, And 11 Other Things We Learned From The Director Of "Red, White & Royal Blue"

    "I was so in the mood for sweetness and kindness and love and sincerity. That's what drew me to the project."

    The movie adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue is ALMOST here, and I can wholeheartedly say it's royally gay, fun, and very steamy...

    To celebrate, we chatted with the film's director, Matthew Lopez, to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on filming *those* sex scenes, casting Uma Thurman, and how he felt about turning such a beloved book into a film.

    Here's what we learned about the making of Red, White & Royal Blue, and what to expect from the movie...

    1. When turning a 350 page book into the film, some moments (sadly) had to be left behind.

    2. Matthew LOVES the book, and considers this film to be the "ultimate" fan art for it.

    3. This is Matthew's feature film debut, and he says his heart is what drove him to direct it.

    4. This film was inspired by finding joy and hope again after the pandemic.

    5. They went through a long and thorough casting process (especially for the role of Alex).

    6. The trust between Taylor and Nicholas is ultimately what led to their brilliant chemistry on screen.

    7. The team worked with an intimacy coordinator to prep for those *steamy* sex scenes.

    8. Matthew believes sexuality shouldn't determine whether you get a role or not, and although he endeavoured to audition queer actors, their personal lives were not at the front of his mind when casting.

    9. However, the film does feature actors who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

    10. Casting the role of the first female President of the United States came down to one simple question – would you vote for Uma Thurman for President?

    11. Matthew couldn't believe his luck when Uma – and Stephen Fry – said yes to appearing in the film.

    12. And finally, there are apparently a ton of Easter Eggs to look out for... But you'll have to find them yourself!

    Red, White & Royal Blue lands on Prime Video on 11 August. Let us know if you're excited to watch in the comments below!

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