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If I Could Eat EVERY Meal At This Place In Jersey For The Rest Of My Life, I Would

I live in Brooklyn, and as such, I am bombarded each day by articles on social media as well as friend's recommendations telling me about all the crazy food I MUST try. I've sampled quite a bit over the years, and I've loved most of it. The one time my mind was truly blown, was in New Jersey. Crazy right? I grew up in NJ, and I would love to spend time and all my money at Princeton Record Exchange, eating lunch at Hoagie Haven, and dessert at Halo Pub. I was never truly impressed with Hoagie Haven, so I found my new Princeton lunch spot--Easy Speak Deli and Grill. Probably some of the best food I have ever eaten. They pride themselves on prepping everything with fresh ingredients, and everything is home made. They have their own smoker, and they smoke their own meats. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. In Brooklyn, a lot of places make this claim, and regardless of its truth, they use it to jack the price way up. Easy Speak doesn't commit this crime. After I have blown my paycheck at the record shop, I have more than enough money to get the most ridiculous cheeseburger I have ever seen, with a few bucks leftover for M&M ice cream at The Halo. I have become a regular there, so I have a sandwich named after me--The Danger Rooster, which is a chicken cutlet served under spinach and pickle chunks tossed in Danger Rooster sauce (ketchup + mayo + Frank's Buffalo) all served under melted fresh mozzarella. Easy Speak has some other extravagant burgers and sandwiches, and they will let you concoct anything you can imagine. They have the ingredients, and they invite the challenge. I took my friend who had a triple cheeseburger with Taylor ham, some of their home made pulled pork, onions, mushrooms, bacon, a fried egg, and Siracha. Remember when I said every ingredient is fresh and of the best possible quality? Well, the burgers are made from some of the best chopped beef I ever tasted, so even a plain burger is mouth-watering. My mouth is watering as I am writing this on a full stomach. This place needs to be on everyone's bucket list. So many places make it onto food network shows as essential food destinations, or into food articles like the one I am writing. I have toured the country and visited many of those must-try places. While most live up to the hype, this place is relatively new, so get in here before the line starts wrapping around the block, because that is inevitable. (Easy Speak - 44 Leigh Ave., Princeton, NJ 08542 - EASY SPEAK DELI

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