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If I Were The Devil 2.0

"That which one generation tolerates will be demanded of those that follow." ~Anonymous

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Jeff Glass

If I were The Devil. . .

I would separate believers from unbelievers as far as the East is from the West creating assumptions and hate from both sides. I would choose their arguments and reinforce the separation through media.

I would remove Jesus from homes and schools and even work on omitting the account of His Life from History.

I would rally political leaders to legislate verbal offense as a criminal activity and ultimately a federal offense. I would act quickly on punishments thanks to the removal of the right to trial.

I would inspire Christians to build MegaChurches with large buildings rather than Disciples with giant hearts for the needs of others in and outside of The Church.

I would implement a false perception among the masses making spiritual gifts given by God as irrelevant driving Christians to passive participation amongst The Church Body.

I would uproot those with a gift for business and the Marketplace, one by one I will distract every leader possible rendering the American Marketplace one of the most devastated ministries.

I would set up Churches as businesses ultimately more submissive to the Government, politics and corporate structure rather than God’s Word.

I would take out Men and Youth first making The Church highly irrelevant to their lives, consequently separating value systems and families.

I would make the divorce rate the same amongst Christian and Non-Christian Americans.

I would fire people for bringing a Bible or praying at their job.

I would arrest parents who differ in my approach to Education.

I would drive out of The Church even the mention of the Holy Spirit and then Jesus.

I would take down The Cross from inside The Church so Christians can focus on individual growth without the reminder of the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I guess if I were the Devil, I would pretty much leave things the way they are. . .

*Inspired by Paul Harvey

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