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    How To Optimise Your Insta From Clubhouse

    If you're not optimising your instagram from your clubhouse, you're missing out

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of the new kid on the block, Clubhouse! If you haven’t… then we suggest you check it out.

    Clubhouse is a new voice-only social media platform that has no option for messages or direct interactions with others, other than voice in hosted live rooms.

    The question answerable is how do we leverage our time on Clubhouse to generate new leads, connections and business opportunities, whilst combining Clubhouse app with other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

    We spoke to Ela Duys, founder and CEO of Ela Mazur Creative who has recently jumped on the Clubhouse wagon. She tells us all about how to optimise your IG from Clubhouse.


    A pretty easy and simple step, but at the moment you can connect up to 2 social media accounts.


    Much like your Instagram, your bio is the first thing people will see when they click on your profile. I am sure you think you need to write a whole lot more about your business than in a handful of characters, but remember marketing is how you can get your message across in less words. The biggest commodity we have is TIME. Try not to waste people's time with unnecessary words, get to the point. Who are you, what do you do, how can they work with you, do you have something to offer them?

    I’ve tried to keep mine simple, yet stating everything the other person needs to know about me, my biz and how to work with me.


    When you jump on Clubhouse and start speaking you may find your DM’s start to fill up! You want to create a process that is easy for yourself to manage this and make the most of these enquiries, leads and new connections you are making.

    You can have saved in your notes some links to things like your booking system, lead magnets, product or service pages. So it’s easy for you to find and easy to take the next steps.


    The easiest way to capture this new audience is to offer them something FREE and full of VALUE straight away. For example I have created a FREE REELS MASTERCLASS that I post to my stories when I know I am going to be on Clubhouse. As well as this when I start a conversation with someone or get tagged in something, I thank the person and offer them something of value in return. This is a friendly and NOT SALESY way to get leads.

    A couple of things to avoid doing….


    If you are getting an influx of people and you are connecting with them via DM then it’s best to treat it like a real life conversation.

    No one likes a head sell of push! These people are just getting to know you and your business, don’t welcome them into your space with a DM that tells them to purchase something straight away. That’s one quick way to lose someone fast.


    Considering that it can take up to 27 touches before converting a follower into a client or customer, the people coming to your page need to build that know, like and trust factor with you. This doesn’t mean you should start flooding them DM’s, emails and all your offers. Be cool, be calm and collected. You want to find that nice balance.

    Are you still stuck on how to leverage your stories? Keep an eye out on Ela’s socials and website, as she will be offering a sale on her ‘Instagram for Business’ course at the end of the month for new clients.