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17 WTF Things On Amazon That You Didn't Know Existed

There are a lot of dicks out there.

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2. A shockingly accurate pillow for your significant other.

Amazon Customer / Via, Amazon Customer

Most promising review!?!?: "I got this as a gag gift for my boyfriend — we're in a long-distance relationship and this only made sense. I got it in about a week (very happy about that) and the quality is okay, no complaints. Although I find it extremely strange that the Boyfriend Pillow has a shirt and THIS doesn't... and the yellow hand... why? Nonetheless, I put my own shirt on this beauty and she looks ready to cuddle. Can't wait to see my boyfriend's reaction! :D" —Tatiana

Snuggle one from Amazon for $41.

3. For the adventurous urbanites, a field identification guide to those that have been lost.

Most promising review!?!??: "To my great dismay, I was unable to find a field guide for stray shopping carts specifically for the western US. After reading the reviews here, I decided my best bet was to try this book and see if I could adapt it for use in the Pacific States. I'm happy to report that it took very little effort to do so." —Silea

Discover one from Amazon for $14.


4. If you have a sagging problem, look no further than The Ball Lifter.

Most promising review!?!?: "I like this thing because it keeps my nuts up front. I bought it because I always sit on my nuts and it hurts like hell. This thing solves that problem for me very nicely." —Bill Lunsford

Lift one from Amazon for $17.

5. A mushroom hat that's being advertised by one of the most terrifying models of all time.

Most promising review!?!?: "It came with the guy in the picture. He defecated on my lawn and stole my neighbor's car. Totally ruined my day." —Aaron Harmonson

Scare one from Amazon for $24.

6. Keep your pup nice and fluffy after a bath with a dog drying bag.

Most promising review!?!?!?: "Gave this as a Christmas gift to my friend who has two little Yorkies. They LOVED it. Both usually get really scared during the entire bath process and the hair dryer scares them... BUT with the Puff-n-Fluff, they felt cozy and warm; one of them even laid down while she had it on. They were both dry within minutes! Great product, worth buying!" —Amazon Customer

Fluff one from Amazon for $50.

7. Succumb to feeling Canadian with a refreshing blast from some of this breath spray.

Most promising review!?!?!?: "Whenever I use it, I get an urge to play hockey and hang out at a Tim Horton's and I don't even know what a Tim Horton's is." —Eusebius

Canuck one from Amazon for $6.


8. This Pot o' Gold cookie cutter that is definitely a dick.

Most promising review!?!?!?: "When I ordered it, they said it was over 8 inches. The actual product was closer to 4. Now no one will even touch my small Pot O' Gold cookies, much less put it in their mouth. Size really does matter." —WJN

Discover your own Pot o' Gold from Amazon for $15.

9. This toilet poncho to save you from your worst nightmares.

Most promising review!?!?!?!?: "Works for traveling or if you have an 'emergency' situation." —Horseluv

Pinch one off from Amazon for $10.

11. Send a message to anyone in the world on a potato.

Most promising review!?!?!?!?: "This was the funniest thing for my kids to get in the mail! Loved it and they froze it to make it last forever. Thank you guys so much!!😆😎" —Amazon Customer

Spud one from Amazon for $8.


15. Have you ever just wanted to know what it's like to get a blow job by a fish? For a small price, you can find out for yourself.

Most promising review?!?!?!?: "I thought this would be funny to give to my husband. He loves to fish. We have a great sex life, but sometimes I travel and sometimes I'm 'not in the mood.' We are married, it happens. I don't get jealous over plastic toys or movies. If it starts to become a problem we would discuss it, but this is not his first 'male pleasure toy.' I have them — so why can't he?" —BlessedChick

Fish one from Amazon for $13.