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What Products Should Everyone Who Has A Car Own?

What's that one thing you have for your car you'll never be tired of?

For some, the cars we drive are like a part of our family. We love 'em to death!

They help us get to work.

They act as our second home.

And help us live a life of adventure.

But not all cars have just the right features that you need. So you look to the internet to find that special thing to make your car just that much better. Maybe you just need to make your backseat a bed?

Maybe you're tired of losing your phone or fries to the car seat abyss and this seat gap filler has been a true godsend.

Perhaps the thing you love the most about your car is just a small sticker modification.

Everyone has that thing they use in or about their car that they are absolutely obsessed with. Whatever it may be, we want to hear about it! What’s yours?

Share your favorite thing in the comments below and your suggestion may appear in a BuzzFeed article!