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What Are The Best Tricks, Tips, Hacks, Or Products For Beach Lovers?

Give us some advice before we head out on our next trip to the beach.

Beaches are (for the most part) incredible places to be.

But you know what would make beaches even more incredible? Sidestepping all the little ~annoyances~ that come with going to the ocean. How do *you* do that?

For instance, while sand exists on this earth solely to fuck your phone's day up with scratches and nonsense, a simple solution = putting your phone in a sandwich bag or a waterproof case.

Worried about shifty characters going through your bag while you're out for a swim? Roll your valuables up in a diaper to deter them.

Maybe you just get the most out of your beach umbrella's lives by spraying Scotchgard on them.

Whatever you do, we want to hear about it. So tell us about your favorite hack/tip/product to use at the beach, and your submission could end up being featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!