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    17 Ways To Make Pictures You Take On Your Phone Look So Much Better

    The best camera is the one you carry with you.

    1. Use a quality wide angle lens that'll let you capture more of a scene.

    2. Add more variety to your shots using a 4-in-1 lens kit.

    3. Keep footage steady with an adjustable tripod mount that'll fit any size smartphone.

    4. Use a tiny remote off-camera flash to add more points of light to your photos (when your built-in flash isn't enough).

    5. Get more ambitious shots with a flexible tripod that turns any pole or branch into a place to perch your phone.

    6. Upgrade your phone's picture quality with a full camera lens that allows any smartphone to become the viewfinder to a fancier lens.

    7. Gain more control over your camera exposure by tapping and holding in iOS.

    8. Brighten up low light settings with a pocket spotlight.

    9. Use a remote shutter release for more freedom for far away group photos.

    10. Capture more of a scene using a rotating time lapse mount that allows you to set the speed and duration of 360 degree shots.

    11. Download the VSCO photo editing app will get a lot of options for improving the look of your final photo.

    12. Firmly mount and angle your phone with a mini stand.

    13. Share your best moments more easily with a tiny mobile printer that uses no ink.

    14. Move your phone up to a higher angle with a selfie stick.

    15. Add some depth to your pictures with a fancy camera attachment that turns any scene you look at into a 3D model.

    16. Use your earbuds to take selfies.

    17. Get easier access to camera functions with a grip attachment that makes your phone feel and operate like a point and shoot camera.