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22 Easy Ways To Make Moving Less Of A Nightmare

Don't put off packing until the last minute!

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4. Secure your pet in the back of your car and stop them from getting all mingled up with your belongings.

Promising review: "Drove 2,000+ miles with this being the only thing separating my two 100 lbs. dogs who DO NOT like each other. Worked great, was easy to assemble, and everyone made it in one piece! This item seriously saved me a lot trouble throughout a long, stressful move!" —Ilovehavoc1995

Get it from Amazon for $47.

5. Throw blankets or quilts over all your furniture to stop scuffs during travel.

6. Declutter and start going through expired toiletries and food early before you start truly moving.

But don't completely purge before your move. Keep some decor or organizational items until you've decided you don't need them after you move. That way you won't have to buy them again.

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8. Wear work gloves so you don't accidentally take off a patch of skin on that sharp dresser.

Promising review: "These gloves look and feel durable. I haven't been using them for long, but during the little time I did, they seem to be holding up rather well. So far I moved boxes and furniture, and did some work on my car engine. My hands feel well-padded and secure inside." —Choubachy

Get them from Amazon for $9 (available in sizes S-XXL).

9. Round up all the odd things that don't fit into a particular category with a car trunk organizer.

Promising review: "We could not be happier with this trunk organizer. So thoughtfully laid out — quality materials — so functional. Very, very pleased that it does not move one inch as we drive around the city. You cannot go wrong in purchasing this organizer." —Vernon A. Norris

Get it from Amazon for $24.

10. Make better use of your car hooks for transporting clothes with an extendable hanger bar.

Promising review: "These were a lifesaver during a recent move. My girlfriend and I just moved about 20 miles, and we were faced with deciding how to move all of our clothing. We didn't really want to remove all of our hanging clothes, fold them, pack them, move them, and then have to unpack them again for such a short move, and the wardrobe boxes from U-Haul are so expensive for something we'll use for such a short period of time. Thanks to these, we were able to move our clothes one car-load at a time instead." —Mike Chrisley

Get it from Amazon for $20.

11. Throw together a "24-hour box" with stuff you'll absolutely need when you walk in the door of your new home.,,

The pros behind Unpackd (a NYC-based service that unpacks your stuff for you after a move) suggest packing things like toilet paper, a wine bottle, a wine bottle opener — you know, the important stuff.


12. Tag and label your boxes so you never have a mystery box you have to rip open again.

13. Or use some colorful and super-wide Washi tape patterns to clearly mark a box for a room.,

Get a four-pack of the polka-dotted tape from Target for $10.

Get a four-pack of the bright triangle tape from Target for $10.

14. Save tons of space by vacuum packing all your bulkier blankets and jackets.

15. Lift and carry really heavy appliances with a two-person shoulder dolly.

Promising review: "These things are great! I moved across country and had a storage unit full of heavy antique furniture. It saved our backs and made the move a hundred times smoother!" —Christine P.

Get it from Amazon for $38.


19. Increase your versatility with a folding hand truck that can also act as a dolly.

Promising review: "My original thought was just to have this for my car, so when I bought groceries I can use it to lug things to my apartment. Ended up using it during the move into my apartment. Moving items from the parking garage to my apartment on the fourth floor was great with this thing. What would have taken me three to four trips without the cart was all done on one trip." — Dexlest

Get it from Amazon for $50.


20. Save yourself some energy with furniture movers to slide that stubborn nightstand into place.

Promising review: "These sliders are great. I had to move some heavy furniture by myself, so I used both types of slider. We have an entertainment center that is so heavy, I can barely lift the corners to get the sliders underneath. But once they were in place, I was able to move the piece from one side of the living room to the other with little effort. A heavy, filled trunk was also easy to move with these." —G E H

Get a set of eight from Amazon for $13.

21. Or if that one piece of furniture is REALLY tough to move, this 1,000-pound dolly will handle it with ease.

Promising review: "This is strong, sturdy, and it got the job done without fuss. We had a very heavy sleeper sofa to roll about 300 feet up a hill, and this dolly made it possible without killing ourselves. It's exactly what it looks like, and I have no complaints." —Jennifer Cammorato

Get it from Amazon for $24.