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    22 Easy Ways To Make Moving Less Of A Nightmare

    Don't put off packing until the last minute!

    1. Look into different moving services and compare prices online.

    2. Wrap trash bags around your hanging clothes when you don't want to pack them away completely.

    3. Bulk up some flexy trash bags with your odd-shaped items.

    4. Secure your pet in the back of your car and stop them from getting all mingled up with your belongings.

    5. Throw blankets or quilts over all your furniture to stop scuffs during travel.

    6. Declutter and start going through expired toiletries and food early before you start truly moving.

    7. Donate or sell the stuff you don't wear, need, or use!

    8. Wear work gloves so you don't accidentally take off a patch of skin on that sharp dresser.

    9. Round up all the odd things that don't fit into a particular category with a car trunk organizer.

    10. Make better use of your car hooks for transporting clothes with an extendable hanger bar.

    11. Throw together a "24-hour box" with stuff you'll absolutely need when you walk in the door of your new home.

    12. Tag and label your boxes so you never have a mystery box you have to rip open again.

    13. Or use some colorful and super-wide Washi tape patterns to clearly mark a box for a room.

    14. Save tons of space by vacuum packing all your bulkier blankets and jackets.

    15. Lift and carry really heavy appliances with a two-person shoulder dolly.

    16. Bubble wrap the hell out of your fragile stuff.

    17. Use a wardrobe box that is specifically designed to store all your hanging items.

    18. Wrap up boxes that should always be together or protect a couch from dust.

    19. Increase your versatility with a folding hand truck that can also act as a dolly.

    20. Save yourself some energy with furniture movers to slide that stubborn nightstand into place.

    21. Or if that one piece of furniture is REALLY tough to move, this 1,000-pound dolly will handle it with ease.

    22. Loop up all your loose cables and keep them from tangling with tagged zip ties.