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    20 Products That'll Help You Sleep Like Never Before

    You'll be cruisin' for a snoozin'.

    1. This natural sound machine that generates white noise to help block out those obnoxious morning songbirds.

    2. This fluffy sheepskin rug — a cozy paradise you'll want to wrap yourself around.

    3. This U-shaped pillow that's a side-sleeper's huggable dream come true.

    4. This sleek aroma diffuser to relax your senses all night with a few drops of essential oils.

    5. This weighted blanket that'll keep you relaxed with ~cozy~ sense of security.

    6. This hoodie pillow for blocking out excess light and keeping your head toasty warm.

    7. This weather stripping to stop drafts from penetrating the sanctity of your room.

    8. This memory foam pillow with cooling gel to help you sleep through those summer nights.

    9. These acoustic tiles that reduce echo and dampen noise coming into your room.

    10. These contoured ear plugs to stop even the most obnoxious of snorers from ruining your sleep.

    11. This pop-up bed tent that'll give you a small private place to enjoy all on your lonesome.

    12. These nose vents to help stop you (or others) from snoring.

    13. This dynamic light bulb that changes to warmer colors to make it easier to fall asleep.

    14. This foam topper able to turn a less-than-good mattress into a great one.

    15. This sleep balm infused with over nine natural ingredients to induce a relaxed state of mind.

    16. This door guard for blocking light leakage and sound coming from less-than-mindful roommates.

    17. This ultra-plush throw blanket that'll make your next nap a sexy and luxurious affair.

    18. This room humidifier to soothe dry throats and air passageways so you can breathe easier.

    19. These book pillows to provide a comfortable place for opening a new chapter in your improved sleep life.

    20. And this zip-up bedding set that'll help you easily tidy up your bed with one swift zipper pull when you're done having the best sleep of your life.

    Go forth, and become the sleep burrito I know you can be.