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    19 Awesome Things For Your Yard That'll Make Your Neighbors Jealous

    Be the envy of every nosy neighbor.

    1. An inflatable screen to blow up for movie night.

    2. One of the longest water slides you can buy (it's 75 feet long).

    3. This giant Jenga set that's over 5-feet tall when stacked.

    4. A Cacoon hanging chair to make a cozy hideaway in any backyard.

    5. These inflatable bumper balls so kids can get away with being rowdy.

    6. These glowing cube lights that can be used as tables or stools.

    7. This hammock to make you feel like you're napping on a field.

    8. A waterproof speaker that can float on the water.

    9. This portable fireplace to add some nice ambiance to any setting (indoor or out).

    10. This badminton net that sets up in minutes.

    11. This 80-foot long zipline for creating a bit of adventure in your yard.

    12. A skateboard swing set that lets you do small stunts.

    13. This giant word tile game to play on your lawn.

    14. This Spikeball set that's like a combination between volleyball and foursquare.

    15. A giant set of bowling pins and ball to really get the ball rolling.

    16. A slacklining kit for setting up easily between any two trees to help build balance.

    17. These magical pouches that turn your bonfire into a colorful display.

    18. A bar table you can pull upward to reveal a cooler for all your drinks.

    19. An Ostrich lounger that doubles as a face down reading chair.