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    19 Awesome Things For Your Yard That'll Make Your Neighbors Jealous

    Be the envy of every nosy neighbor.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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    1. An inflatable screen to blow up for movie night.

    Promising review: "It is a huge, nice quality screen! It was easy to put up and perfect for our use. The blower was quiet and we didn't even know it was on. We use it for family neighborhood movies in the yard and it is perfect. We will get a lot of use out of it!" —Michelle

    Get one from Amazon for $248.

    2. One of the longest water slides you can buy (it's 75 feet long).

    Jamie Gibson / Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Hands down the best thing I have purchased for my 5 kids who range in age from 1 to 7! We didn't expect our 1-year-old to take on a slip-n-slide, but once she saw her siblings flying down the yard she had to try it out! HOURS OF FUN! My wife and I sat in our lawn chairs and drank our drinks! The slide is nice and wide! Wide enough for 3 or 4 kids to go down at once!" —Joshua Hart

    Get it from Amazon for $150.

    3. This giant Jenga set that's over 5-feet tall when stacked.

    Promising review: "Played this at a friend's house and had so much fun we had to buy for ourselves. Great backyard fun for all ages! The hit of the party. The numbers can be used for a drinking game. Cheers!" —Karin

    Get a set from Amazon for $80.

    4. A Cacoon hanging chair to make a cozy hideaway in any backyard.

    Get one from The Grommet for $340.

    5. These inflatable bumper balls so kids can get away with being rowdy.

    Promising review: "My kids love these. They can run at each other and bump and roll around without getting hurt." —Lutitia

    Get a pair from Wayfair for $40.

    6. These glowing cube lights that can be used as tables or stools.

    Promising review: "We put this in our butterfly and herb garden and the kids and adults love it! So nice to have in the summer for great glow. Can't wait to see how it looks in the snow. Great product! Ordered the cube first and then the sphere. Stands up to heavy rain." —Virginia B.

    Get one from Amazon for $44.

    7. This hammock to make you feel like you're napping on a field.

    Get one from Studio Toer for $386.

    8. A waterproof speaker that can float on the water.

    Promising review: "My son was thrilled to receive this as a gift! It works perfectly and exactly as described. It's great for when he's with his siblings and friends hanging out in the backyard and swimming in the pool." —Marie F.

    Get one from Amazon for $74.

    9. This portable fireplace to add some nice ambiance to any setting (indoor or out).

    Promising review: "This table fireplace is awesome. I have it on my screen porch and it calls me every evening. I like to sit and watch the flames dance while listening to my fave jazz. I wish I could sit there forever." —melodi

    Get one from Amazon for $70.

    10. This badminton net that sets up in minutes.

    Promising review: "Great badminton set! My son and his friends have been having a great time with this set. It is quick and easy to set up and take down." —Tina

    Get one from Amazon for $48.

    11. This 80-foot long zipline for creating a bit of adventure in your yard.

    Promising review: "The kids love it. We bought it as an activity for a backyard bbq and it was the biggest hit with all the kids. We used for 5-year-olds and they were totally fine on it but just needed a little help getting on it." —sayo

    Get it from Amazon for $149.

    12. A skateboard swing set that lets you do small stunts.,

    Promising review: "What a great toy! The vendor was very prompt and courteous when I had a small concern. It works better with 4 handles. But it got my 18-year-old son outside and playing like a kid with his friends. The stunts they do on the swurfer are amazing. They love it!!!" —Bambalam

    Get one from Amazon for $130.

    13. This giant word tile game to play on your lawn.

    Get the game from Amazon for $180.

    14. This Spikeball set that's like a combination between volleyball and foursquare.

    Promising review: "After first playing this game on a family reunion trip at the beach, I have talked about how fun it was non stop to my husband. So as soon as we planned our next friends' trip to the beach I knew I was going to have to make this purchase. It arrived quickly and well packaged. It didn't disappoint. It is just as fun as I remembered. Volleyball meets basketball." —TIffany

    Get a kit from Amazon for $60.

    15. A giant set of bowling pins and ball to really get the ball rolling.

    Promising review: "I ordered this set to be used for a human bowling game this summer. This was well worth it. The pins are very sturdy. I used an electric pump and they stayed inflated overnight. The kids and adults had a ball with these. We used them outdoors on a slip and slide. They held up in the rain and all." —Yaunna

    Get it from Amazon for $35.

    16. A slacklining kit for setting up easily between any two trees to help build balance.

    Promising review: "This is a great slackline for the price. I was going back and forth between this one and the slackers brand. I really didn't like the bright green color of slackers and this one came with the tree protecters and cost less. I'm glad I went with this one. The whole family has had lots of fun on it." —KathyE

    Get it from Amazon for $55.

    17. These magical pouches that turn your bonfire into a colorful display.

    Promising review: "We bought these in bulk for much less than we were getting them at camp stores or the big box stores. The kids love them. It is important to read the directions carefully. I remember a product when I was a kid that you sprinkled on the fire. Not this stuff! You just throw the packets in. Opening the package can be dangerous! The write-up claimed you could get 30 minutes out of them, and we got every bit of that. Very pleased." —Charles Cornett

    Get a pack of 25 from Amazon for $17.

    18. A bar table you can pull upward to reveal a cooler for all your drinks.

    Promising review: "I love this thing! If you twist the inside piece (as directed) it stays up just fine. Don't let other people's reviews deter you from buying this. I get so many compliments on it :) The plug on the inside makes it easy to drain and the inside is large enough for many items." —dd15

    Get one from Amazon for $76.

    19. An Ostrich lounger that doubles as a face down reading chair.

    "I've had my "Ostrich" folding blue chaise for about 3 weeks, and used it a half-dozen times. The ability to read while lying face down is GREAT. Turns out, the holes through which to put your arms are every bit as important as the hole in which to place your face. The padding around the latter is very good, and the arm-hole accommodations allow for easy handling of whatever you're reading, whether newspaper, magazine, or book." —Amazon Customer

    Get one from Amazon for $42.

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