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    19 Ridiculously Satisfying Cleaning Products You'll Want To Use ASAP

    Cleaning is meaning.

    1. This pressure washer to purge the filth from every surface you can imagine.

    2. A touchless vacuum to make cleaning up hair a cinch.

    3. This vacuum squeegee system that'll leave your windows completely streak-free.

    4. This power scrubber that'll spin away all your grit and grime.

    5. A drain snake that'll probably make you wonder how you're not bald.

    6. This lint roller—it lives to consume every stray hair on your couch.

    7. A TubShroom for snaring up all your hair before it gets too far down the drain.

    8. This Critter Catcher to snatch those spiderbros humanely, and at a safe distance from your precious hands.

    9. A multi-surface vacuum that'll handle your spills on carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and other sealed hard surfaces.

    10. These magic erasers for lifting off even the most stubborn stains.

    11. A screen cleaner that'll save your devices from the fingerprint menace.

    12. This telescoping duster to get around every nook, cranny, and oddly shaped chandelier.

    13. A jar of cleaning putty that peels away with all the hair and crumbs trapped within your keyboard.

    14. This pair of mop slippers that'll keep working even when you've stopped.

    15. A rubber broom with a squeegee on one side so you can swipe up matter of any form.

    16. A versatile Shamwow able to soak up to 21 times its weight.

    17. This self-cleaning litter box that sorts out all the lumps and seals away the odor.

    18. A sonic scrubber for making quick work of obstinate trouble spots.

    19. And this toilet brush canister that'll lock away the gross brush when you're done with it.

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