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    23 Product Photos That'll Make You Think "I Need To Buy This Now"

    Aaaand it's in your cart.

    1. This mermaid tail blanket that'll fulfill everyone's lifelong dream of becoming Ariel.

    2. This wood family calendar board to act as a constant reminder of everyone's birthday.

    3. These collapsible storage bins that practically put themselves away when you're done using them.

    4. A magnetic light switch key holder strong enough to hold up even the heaviest of key rings.

    5. A floating mug to free you up from using a coaster.

    6. These temperature gauges you can strap onto your shower dials so you'll always remember what the perfect ratio is.

    7. This phone case that transforms into a selfie stick for when you need to capture the ~moment~.

    8. This forlorn stuffed whale you can't help but want to adopt.

    9. This toilet-paper holder with a shelf for anyone without enough space for a table in their bathroom.

    10. This super-soft wool rug that looks like it's made of river stones.

    11. A collapsible bucket able to transform into a watering can in seconds.

    12. A three-piece teapot you can deconstruct into a cup and saucer.

    13. This set of rug corners that stop the annoying-as-fuck curling thing they do.

    14. A grocery-bag dispenser to organize all your loose bags for easy pick-and-pull access.

    15. These grammar mugs that encapsulate the ire of editors worldwide.

    16. This portable safe to use as a safe place to store your valuables when going out for a swim.

    17. These super stylin' goggles your dog will thank you for.

    18. This lunch bag that unzips flat into a placemat for hygienic eating.

    19. A magic wallet that secures your money with a single fold.

    20. This felt cat bag that converts from a crossbody bag to a backpack that can hold a laptop.

    21. These aquarium brushes made from the softest, cruelty-free fibers.

    22. A charging station to hide away your rat nest of wires.

    23. And this wine travel tote to hold everything you need for a two-person picnic.

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