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    21 Products That'll Make You Truly Love Pooping

    Get to really know your shit.

    1. A Squatty Potty because it seriously makes pooping soooo much easier.

    2. This bottle of Poo-Pourri because no one should have to live in smell-fear.

    3. A motion activated toilet light for late night ~guidance~.

    4. This skinny bathroom organizer to fit into those tight spaces.

    5. Or this more minimalist toilet paper stocker that'll get the job done.

    6. This powerful plunger to declog any pipe you throw at it.

    7. A toilet paper cloud that is some cirrus business.

    8. This one-step roll loader so you'll never go back to that fucking piston holder system.

    9. A public toilet survival kit because you never know when you're gonna have to tough it out at a show.

    10. These sprout-shaped toilet seat handles

    11. These toilet paper rolls that come in six different colors (including black).

    12. A decal set to turn your toilet into the Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars.

    13. This informative book that tells you all about why your product is the way it is.

    14. A toilet paper holder with an integrated wine and beer holder.

    15. This touchless toilet flusher to keep your contact with bathroom germs down to a minimum.

    16. A tank-mounted sink so you can save water AND space.

    17. This flock of sheep to shepherd all your loose rolls into one fluffy coat.

    18. A toilet seat that works to neutralize odors and slowly eases the lid down to avoid loud slams.

    19. An accordion-style toilet roll holder that'll shorten that R E A C H all the way to the wall.

    20. This sound blocker designed to stop all the embarrassing sounds from reaching nearby ears.

    21. And this portable bidet that fits over a water bottle, so you'll never leave that comfort at home.