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    23 Things Under $10 That'll Help Make You A Better Cook

    Practical AND cheap?! Say it isn't so!

    1. A microplane grater to bring out that flavor pop in your dish with a simple zesting of horseradish or lime.

    2. A lemon squeezer for extracting every last bit of juice and saving you $ in the long run.

    3. A mandolin slicer to give you consistently thin slices of your veggies that you can use to add some detail to your plating.

    4. An offset icing knife for frosting your baked goods... but also to use as a flexible spatula that'll get under anything delicate that needs flipping in a pan.

    5. A bench scraperβ€”a versatile kitchen tool that can cut up your dough, easily move your chopped veggies, and scrape down your cutting board after you're done.

    6. A garlic press to give you the right texture every time.

    7. A 8-inch cast-iron pan versatile enough to handle cooking a wide range of cuisines so you can expand your skills.

    8. A pair of pan scrapers that'll enable you to take better care of your cast-iron pan without worrying about scraping off the precious seasoning.

    9. A digital scale for giving you much better precision when handling ingredients that are hard to measure by volume.

    10. A set of collapsible measuring cups you can tuck inside your ingredient containers for quick and easy access when adding a dash of spice.

    11. A silicone spatula that'll let you easily get every last drop from a can or mixing bowl.

    12. An egg slicer to pull double duty when you use it with other produce like mushrooms, cheese, and butter.

    13. A 5-in-1 spatula able to handle most standard tasks that a spatula can without adding to your dish pile.

    14. A rocker blade you can use to chop though baked goods, produce, and (of course) pizza.

    15. A slanted measuring cup that'll help you keep a better eye on how much of an ingredient you're pouring into a recipe.

    16. A foldable cutting board to make it a cinch to transport your ingredients from board to pot or pan.

    17. A pastry mat that'll give you a better idea on how even you're keeping your measurements of cookies or piecrust when baking.

    18. A set of kitchen shears to make quick work of cutting up chicken, bacon, and more.

    19. An avocado tool to tear through avocados with ease.

    20. A palm peeler that'll increase the speed your peeling without the danger of cutting the hell out of your fingers.

    21. A splatter screen so you can keep a better eye on that rack of bacon you're frying without fear of hot oil scalding you.

    22. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that'll help you get a little braver in achieving that thin filet cut or rapid mandolin slicing.

    23. A flour sifter makes it easier to mix ingredients into your batter or dough evenly.

    How stoked you are to start realizing your ~chef-y~ dreams!