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13 Areas Filled With Street Art You Need To Drive Through

There’s incredible street art throughout the U.S., and these spots are perfect to stop, see, and snap on a midafternoon drive.

1. Arts District — Los Angeles, CA

All around Los Angeles is incredible street art, but in the arts district, the LALA Gallery has been working on a project called L.A. Freewalls. Drive all around East 4th through East 2nd and take in the vibrant murals along the stretch.

2. Downtown Oakland — Oakland, CA

3. Clarion Alley — San Francisco, CA

4. Lower Highlands — Denver, CO

5. Wynwood — Miami, FL

6. Inman Park — Atlanta, GA

7. Eastern Market — Detroit, MI

8. Downtown Vegas — Las Vegas, NV

9. Bushwick — Brooklyn, NY

10. Little Italy/Lower East Side — New York City, NY

11. Fishtown — Philadelphia, PA

12. Castle Hill — Austin, TX

13. Deep Ellum — Dallas, TX

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