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12 Beach Hacks Guaranteed To Save Your Summer

Keep the sand under your toes and not in your drink. Remember these beach hacks when you’re packing your vehicle for a day of swimming and sunshine.

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1. Put your phone in a plastic baggie so it doesn't get damaged by sand or water.

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Just make sure that it is fully sealed before any sand or water touches it.

2. For that matter, you could store your phone/keys/other items you don't want to lose in an empty, cleaned-out peanut butter jar.

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It'll keep the sand and water out — and keep everything right where you need it.

4. Also, to prevent burning your buns, cover your vehicle's seats with a blanket.

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Nothing is worse than hopping in your vehicle in the summer and burning your butt when you sit down. Toss a towel down when you park to avoid any unnecessary roasting later.

5. Use baby powder to get rid of the sand that inevitably winds up all over your legs and feet.

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It'll absorb the moisture and the sand will fall back to the beach where it belongs — and not in your vehicle.

7. Saturate a sponge, then freeze it, then pop it in a plastic baggie. Voila! An ice pack that won't drip when it melts.

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Bonus: Squeeze the cold water onto your face and neck after a killer game of volleyball.

9. If you have kids or are spending a day with your teeny tiny nieces or nephews, use a mesh laundry bag to carry toys to and from the beach.


Give it a good shake to get rid of the sand before putting it back in the vehicle at the end of the day.

10. Keep bugs out of your cup with some handy-dandy cupcake liners.


Flip them upside down and poke a hole in the bottom for your straw, or just keep them on top when you're not drinking your bev. So festive. So fun. So absurd.

12. Turn your steering wheel "upside down" so that it doesn't scald your hands off when it's time to leave.

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The sun will bake the bottom half, not the top, leaving you free to handle it without oven mitts.