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12 Reasons Why You're The Queen Bee At The Bar

The night is yours. Own it and make it one to remember with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.

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1. The bartender knows your name...


2. ...and you never have to wait more than 60 seconds for your drink.


3. You're not afraid to talk to new people.


4. You always bump into someone you know.

5. Someone is always offering to buy you a drink...


6. ...but sometimes you just want to buy your own.


7. The only dress code you follow is your own...

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...because you strut with confidence whether you wear heels or flats.

8. You're always equipped with the perfect comebacks to corny pick-up lines.

9. But you're also not afraid to make the first move.

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10. You're usually the first one on the dance floor...

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11. ...or the first to suggest karaoke.

12. But wherever the night takes you, it's always one to remember when you're there.

You're the Queen Bee, so show 'em who's boss. Live your best life with your favorite girls and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey!

Courtesy of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey