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10 Vacations That'll Make The Honeymoon Last Forever

The honeymoon doesn't have to end after your first vacation as an official couple. Keep the magic alive and look amazing with Liz Claiborne, exclusively at JCPenney.

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1. Splurge on a private villa.

Photo of Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, by Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Why it's perfect: On your first honeymoon, expense was more of a concern. Now? You're in a place where you can afford it. Reward your hard work with an absolute dream vacation.

2. Try backpacking.


Why it's perfect: There's no better place to get close to your love than nature! It's an adventure and a vacation wrapped in one (plus nothing is more romantic than sleeping under the starry skies)!

3. Hit up a couples resort.

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Why it's perfect: After a few years of raising children, you definitely understand the appeal of adult company. It's time to focus on each other.

4. Go on a cruise.

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Why it's perfect: A good cruise caters to you — all the food, drinks, and entertainment are perfectly planned and easy to enjoy! You and your spouse can spend your time focusing on each other and let the cruise directors handle the details.

5. Consider a spa retreat.


Why it's perfect: When you're newlyweds, you might be looking for adventure over relaxation. For a honeymoon revisited, however, pampering reigns supreme! A spa retreat is the perfect place for you two to treat yourselves.

6. Stay in a castle.


Why it's perfect: You deserve to live like royalty, and now is your time to do it! Lots of places have castles you can stay in, and it provides a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

9. Dodge the big cities.


Why it's perfect: A small town is like a treasure chest — without the maps and guides of a big city, you're left to find that perfect cafe or amazing local boutique on your own. And the pace is slow and relaxing, so you and your beloved can have the best time of your lives with a nice bottle of wine and, let's say, a gorgeous Tuscan sunset!

10. And in a pinch, try a staycation!


Why it's perfect: Any chance to revel in your relationship should be embraced! Craft the perfect week full of your favorite things — favorite movies, favorite dinners, favorite songs — and celebrate the things you love, together.