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13 Signs Your Bra Is Plotting Against You

It's straight-up sabotage. You'll never have to worry about your support system turning against you when you're wearing an Ambrielle bra.

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1. Your boobs come barreling out for the whole world to see when the elasticity in your sports bra gives way.

2. When your strapless bra just gives up.

3. Unprovoked, your closure suddenly pops open like a bottle of champagne, and you can't move an inch, but no one knows why.

4. Your straps start falling off your shoulder when your hands are full of groceries, and you know something is going to drop.

5. Contrarily, your bra straps are so tight, that the divots in your shoulders start looking like a patch of mowed grass.

6. And let's talk about what happens when you accidentally snap a bra strap, and it pings you like the sting of a million bees.

7. Your chest measurements are apparently made up, because you can never find a bra in your size, and you’re left dancing around the idea of finding the perfect bra.

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8. Your cups runneth over, and there's not a dam thing you can do about it.

9. Your date can’t unhook your bra because the clasp in the back is bent. Enjoy the next few awkward-filled minutes.

10. Your boobs are so big that searching for a sexy piece of lingerie is like trying to find buried treasure. Good luck, sister.

11. Your underwire is constantly poking you, which is slowly (and painfully) driving you insane.

12. While at work, you glance down and realize you have four hooters instead of two. Girl, you just got quadraboobed.

13. Your ghost-bra makes a cameo in a picture that was taken with a flash... the sneakiest move of them all.