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    Updated on Apr 18, 2020. Posted on Apr 18, 2020

    Are You More Lala Or Abby?

    Take this AGS Goddess themed quiz to find out if you're more like Earth Goddess Lala or Sky Goddess Abby!

    Are you more likely to finish up a project all at once or take your time?
    How would you cheer up your sad friend?
    How many selfies do you take in a day?
    When watching a sad movie, what do you tend to do?
    Are you able to get rid of items easily or are you a sentimental person?
    Do you talk often during class?
    Do you tend to ignore a problem until someone confronts you about it or try and communicate?
    Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
    Finally (and most importantly), if you were on the world by yourself for a day, would you run on the highway barefoot and rob a grocery store or speed down the roads and eat talenti ice cream?
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