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How Can You Help Your Children In Their Career Selection

I have three boys, 12, 11 and 9 years old and very frequently they ask me "Dad what do you do in your job ?" I answer that I am an accountant and explain them what are my duties during a regular day of work, then they say that they are going to be an accountant just like their Dad, of course I know this is not a very good advice for them instead of that I decided to prepare some tours and take them to a several places and explained what was going on there and who was the people in charge of those places. And so far at this point we have visited these places:

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1. A hospital.

I called one of my old friends who is a Medical Doctor and gave us a quick guided tour in the hospital he works also explained all the different areas of the hospital. At the end of the day my kids had a better idea of what the Doctors do in their job.

3. A residential construction area

American Homes Specialist / Via

Next week we went to a new residential area which still is in construction and meet whit one of their Arquitects who explained us what was his job and responsibilities as a designer of all those nice houses.

4. Accounting firm / Via

In our home town there are offices of all the big four accounting firms and visited one of them and did the same, I asked a friend to give us a quick tour in those nice and big offices, then he took us to a meeting room and show us a nice video of his important firm and explained to us what was his responsibilities as an accountant.

5. Airport

Delta Airport / Via

After some days my youngest kid told me that maybe we was interested in understanding the job of a big airplane pilot. What I did is to contact the local Airport and a very nice person who is the Chief Administrator accepted to received us during the weekend and had the opportunity to talk with a professional pilot.

6. What´s next ?

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Since we visited all these places now my children have a better idea of what all these profesionals actually do and think about if they like these careers. In the next months I will set up more guided tours for my Sons. Actually we are having so much fun and it is educational.

It is a matter of time when our children will have to make their own choice.

No one teach us how to be a good father or a good mother, but what we can do is to try to do the best we can.

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