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You Don't Need To Train Heavy To Build Muscle

Heavy weights shouldn't be mandatory in your workouts.

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Something To Think About

A very common misconception among weight trainers trying to gain muscle is that they need to go heavy in order to build. This is false. It's okay to go heavy every once in a while but it shouldn't be something you do every time you workout. Training with heavy weights is dangerous especially if you're alone. Not only is it dangerous but it's also horrible for you body. Training heavy is going to put you at higher risk for strains, tears, and joint decay. The most common exercise to train heavy is squats. Training heavy on squats is going to build muscle but it's also going to tear the cartilage in your knees as well put a lot of wear and tear on your joints. Often times people will see body builders posting heavy weights on Instagram or some other blog and they'll try to mimic what they do. Please don't do this, even body builders know not to go heavy all the time. They care about how they're going to look and feel 40 years down the road and you should too. Instead of training heavy go a little lighter and aim for a higher range of reps. You could also aim for the six to eight rep range and put a moderate amount of weight on but really focus on form and the squeeze. Building muscle is about form and the mind muscle connection. Some people just go in and sling weights around without thinking about what they're doing. In the end that's not beneficial. Focus on what you're doing, think about your form and really squeezing at the apex of your lifts. Training heavy isn't something you should do often but don't exile it from your workouts completely.

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