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Want Bigger Arms?

Something many beginner lifters don't know

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Add Inches to Those Arms

Many beginner lifters like to train arms a lot more frequently than they should. Not only do they train arms too much, the same exercises are often incorporated for beginner lifters as well. Curls and Triceps extensions are the two most popular arm workouts you'll see any kind of weight trainer do. The biggest mistake most people make is doing endless curls and extensions. Your biceps and triceps are both small muscles that only need around two days of recovery. Although they only need a small amount of time, that doesn't mean you should train them every two days.

One sneaky way to build your arms is to not train them. By training your other body parts and doing things such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press you'll see more growth in your arms than actually training them. That doesn't meant to completely stop training arms, I still recommend about two times a week, maybe three. Squats, deadlifts, and bench press increase your testosterone levels helping you build muscle mass. So by doing bigger lifts and increasing the weight you're getting that size you've wanted all along. Continuing to eat and increasing your weight is the real secret, not endless training. They say for every 15 pounds you gain you gain one inch on your bicep. Don't fall into the trap of endlessly training your arms, work every muscle group, be proportionate and eat!

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